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客户的回馈 Testimonials (3)

I was going to email you anyway to say the wreath was lovely. Your product and service is very good indeed and I will certainly recommend you to my friends and associates – hopefully for some happier events! Many thanks and best regards,

Mr.Cord from Hong Kong | Aug 2018, 订购了 殡仪花圈花牌

Thank you for the great service - I really appreciate it.

Ms. Chui from Hong Kong | Aug 2018, 订购了 礼物篮Hamper

It was really good and they liked it a lot. Thanks very much!

Kanny from U.K | Aug 2018, 订购了 圣诞礼物Hamper

Thank you for the great service.

Mr. Lau from Hong Kong | Aug 2018, 订购了 圣诞礼物Hamper

Thanks so much. This is one of my best online shopping experience. Keep up the great work.

Ms. Cheuk from Hong Kong | Aug 2018, 订购了 圣诞礼物Hamper


陈小姐 (香港) | Aug 2018, 订购了 礼物篮Hamper

Hello, Thank you so much for your quality service. This is the first time that I have ordered flowers for a funeral service in Hong Kong. I appreciated the photo to let me see what was delivered. Sincerely,

Ms. Lam from Hong Kong | Jul 2018, 订购了 殡仪花圈花牌


邱小姐 (香港) | Jul 2018, 订购了 水果篮

今日我男朋友收到毕业花好开心呀, 整得好靓, 好多谢你们的心机, 还好贴心地上传相片, 真的好好服务, 请保留上传相片到网上账号的服务, 因为实在太贴心了, 下次有机会必会光顾, thank you!

Ms. Ha from Hong Kong | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店花束

Thank you so much! Very impressed with the service. My brother called to say that he received his gift basket this afternoon. We will definitely be using you again. Regards,

Jessica from Australia | Jul 2018, 订购了 礼物篮Hamper

Just want to say thank you, my friend was very surprised and happy! The flower arrangement is very beautiful, great job! Cheers,

Ms. Mok from Canada | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店附加礼物 生日礼物 泰迪熊毛公仔

thank you for the great services and my friend loves the flower so much it is much more beautiful than what i expected before. ps: the card provided is great too. thanks!

Ms. Leong from Hong Kong | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店花束

Thank you very much for the gift delivery. She's happy about it so am I. Kepp up the hard work Thanks once again!

Gurjit from China | Jul 2018, 订购了 送礼组合


马小姐 (香港) | Jul 2018, 订购了 BB婴儿礼物

Thankyou for your wonderful service. The hamper and flowers were beautiful!

Christine from Australia | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店花束 礼物篮Hamper

thanks a lot! i will wait for your photos for the gifts! thanks again! your company really giving good services to the customers & i believe this is the main reason my friend referring your company to me. i will definitely inform all my friends and even my company to know your company!

Ms. Lee from Hong Kong | Jul 2018, 订购了 礼物篮Hamper 泰迪熊毛公仔

Love you and you will be my contact for all my gifts to HKG. Great service, great price!

Ms. Lam from Singapore | Jul 2018, 订购了 生日礼物 花店附加礼物

Your service is outstanding! Thank you very much! My sister loves it!

Hanh from U.S | Jul 2018, 订购了 红酒香槟烈酒 花店附加礼物 水果篮

The service was absolutely amazing and your customer service answered all my questions on the spot. The whole process was quick, efficient, and confirmed within minutes. I ordered the Birthday CS1 and the product came out looking exactly like the picture on the website (thanks for the beautiful card as well), and the recipient adored it. Will continue using your service in the future and recommend you to anyone who needs it.

Ms. Ho from Hong Kong | Jul 2018, 订购了 生日礼物

Thank you for high-level service. I'll adwise your shop to my friends.

Evgeny from Russia | Jul 2018, 订购了 水果篮

Thank you so much for the effort of trying to deliver the flowers as soon as you can after I called. The flowers are really pretty and I'm really satisfied with it. I appreciate for fulfilling my request. I experienced great customer service with your company. I'll definitely recommend you to other people and will purchase again next time! Thank you

Janice from U.S. | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店花束

Thank you very much for the excellent and thoughtful services. Please keep up the good work.

Mr. Choi from Hong Kong | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店花束

Just a note to say thank you. My mom and my sister got the basket and they are very happy. I appreciate very much for your great services as well as the quality of the products. Will definitely recommend your company to my friends. Thank you.

Ms. Yip from Hong Kong | Jul 2018, 订购了 中秋果篮Hamper

Again you have done a wonderful job. My aunt was very thrilled with the beautiful roses you delivered to her this morning. Thank you very much and keep up the good work! Best wishes,

Ms. Ko from Australia | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店花束

Firstly I say thank you for all of u. My sister just received your delivery today. It was amazing she felt very happy. Your fast delivery, good services, good condition and friendly. I will recommend to my friends and come again in the future. :)

Ms. Wong from U.K | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店花束 泰迪熊毛公仔 花店附加礼物

Thanks for the confirmation of the deliver. We appreciate your efforts inspire of typhoon to deliver the gift as quickly as possible.

Shailendra from India | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店花束 花店附加礼物 泰迪熊毛公仔

Thx for the quality arrangement. My girl friend loves it so much

Mr. Chan from Hong Kong | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店花束

Appreciate you upload the picture and receipt to my online a/c, so that I can saw such info. via your website. Tks again.

Ms. Yu from Hong Kong | Jul 2018, 订购了 花店鲜花摆设


黄小姐 (香港) | Jul 2018, 订购了 水果篮 花店附加礼物

Flowers are beautiful and thanks for your efficient arrangement and help in payment flexibility provided to me. Appreciated.

Ms. Yim from Hong Kong | Jul 2018, 订购了 开张花篮

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