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客户的回馈 Testimonials (6)

very lovely basket. my friends love it so much. Many thanks.

Ms. Tang from Hong Kong | Apr 2018, 订购了 水果篮

Thanks for your help and provide me with such a beautful flower bouquet. I am fully satisfactory on your Co.'s professional services and hope that I can use your service again in the near future.

Ms. Lam from Hong Kong | Apr 2018, 订购了 花店花束 花店附加礼物

It looks good, thanks so much! Regards,

Ms. Tam from Hong Kong | Apr 2018, 订购了 BB婴儿礼物

Thanks, you've great service there. The package looks wonderful! It means a lot. : ) I would recommend you to friends if they would need to send stuff. Regards,

Ms.Lee from Thailand | Apr 2018, 订购了 水果篮

谢谢你们,我妈妈收到花很开心。 纵使我所提供的地址不详细,而且要即日送货,贵店都满足了我的要求! 很感谢你们!令我的心意传达到了妈妈。

陈小姐 (香港) | Apr 2018, 订购了 送礼组合

It's nice basket ! My friend loves that ! Thx !

Ms. Mok from Hong Kong | Apr 2018, 订购了 探病康复礼篮

Thank you~~~你们的服务很细心,谢谢!! 朋友很喜欢,我会向朋友推荐的 祝 蒸蒸日上

SiuWah (香港) | Apr 2018, 订购了 花店花束 花店附加礼物

Dear Sir, Thank you! Your product is fabulous. Your design is great and the flowers you choose are so special.

Ms. Cheung from Hong Kong | Apr 2018, 订购了 花店鲜花摆设

Hi, Thanks for the arrangement and very much appreciated, however, just to have some comment on the balloon that comes with the hamper. By the time we receive the hamper, there's not much air in the balloon and it seems that it's leaking the air out already. Just want to raise this so that next time, please make sure that the ballon is fully filled. thanks once again

Ms. Kan from Hong Kong | Apr 2018, 订购了 BB婴儿礼物


王先生 (中国) | Apr 2018, 订购了 花店花束

Dear GiveGift, Thank you for sending us the pictures of the wreaths we ordered. They look perfect and the contents are just what we wanted. Just like to say thank you for your wonderful services. Thank you.

Mrs. Lee from Hong Kong | Feb 2018, 订购了 殡仪花圈花牌

Dear, Once again thank you for your quick response! It's much appreciated! My mum got the gift this morning and she loves both the flowers and the hamper. Your after sales service is fantastic and I do hope I've provided you a valuable feedback on this incident. Regards,

Miss Lau from Australia | Feb 2018, 订购了 花店花束 花店附加礼物

It's beautiful! Thanks very much

Mr. Chiu from Hong Kong | Feb 2018, 订购了 BB婴儿礼物

Dear Sir, Thank you ever so much for the wonderful service you have provided. the flowers were lovely, my girlfriend was delighted and delivery were very nicely timed. Thank you so much.

Mr. Lee from Hong Kong | Feb 2018, 订购了 花店花束

I'm writing to thank you for your professional service, as well as the gentleman whom send me the flowers. the beautiful bouquet, Gulliver teddy bear and the greeting card make the event more memorable, thank you once again for your effort.

Ms. Fan from Hong Kong | Feb 2018, 订购了 送礼组合 花店附加礼物

Thank you for your effort and expertise in floral packaging and delivery. The flower has been well received and on time. My wife was very delighted to see those beautifully set flowers.

Mr. Chan from Hong Kong | Feb 2018, 订购了 花店花束

Thank you. Your company has a good system set up . (not sure what was wrong with my paypal in the first place) I am impressed. My lady is happy . (Remember I work for a hamper company in Sydney . We use contract couriers) A job well done.

Long from Australia | Feb 2018, 订购了 送礼组合

Thanks for keeping your promise of having sent food hamper to my wife today. She love this surprise gift. This won our confidence on GiveGift. Thank you very much

Mr. Chou form Hong Kong | Feb 2018, 订购了 送礼组合

Many thanks for the efficient delivery! And Mr. Lui loves the hamper! Thanks very much and happy new year!

Ms. Lee from Hong Kong | Feb 2018, 订购了 新年果篮Hamper

Thank you for your kind offer to mail the abalone and complimentary tea to my parents - I would be very pleased to accept this offer. I am very pleased with your company and the excellent service so I look forward to placing more orders in the near future. Regards.

Ms.Cheng from Hong Kong | Feb 2018, 订购了 新年果篮Hamper

Thanks for your email and pictures. My sister called me said the hamper is very nice. Thanks again!

Ms. Kwok from Hong Kong | Feb 2018, 订购了 新年果篮Hamper

谢谢您们的协助, 医生收到了这份礼物后很高兴, 尤其很喜欢张卡, 衷心的多谢贵公司的协助. 祝愿大家 圣诞快乐!

徐小姐 (香港) | Feb 2018, 订购了 礼物篮Hamper

I just want to say a big thank you to u...the great flower u guys have done, and also the delievery (even I haven't paid yet ^^") U guys made the day so meaningful to my sister, good work guys~ Apart from a big "THANK YOU", I duno what can I say....keep up the good work and hope you guys have a good business. Cheers,

Ms. Ngai from Hong Kong | Jan 2018, 订购了 花店花束

谢谢您们的协助, 您们的服务质素真是宾至如归! 衷心的感谢!

徐小姐 (香港) | Jan 2018, 订购了 花店附加礼物 花店花束

I would like to express the appreciation to Give Gift Bontique Flower Shop. Our friend is completely satisfied with the fruit basket that he received and enjoyed it very much. I was not only contented with the product but also impressed by their services. Give Gift Bontique Flower Shop sent the pictures right after they delivered the product to our friends. When I called to explain my credit card hasn't gone through issue, the staff was very polite and patiently to take care of my situation. Overall, I will highly recommend Give Gift Bontique Flower Shop to my friends. Again, thank you very much!

Ms. Tsui from Hong Kong | Jan 2018, 订购了 水果篮

Dear GiveGift, thanks for your prompt follow up and patience to serve this foolish lady. I think i might need to send you a bunch of flowers to say sorry.....(of course, just kidding...haha) anyway,thanks a lot and really appreciate your company's service.

Ms. Chow from Hong Kong | Jan 2018, 订购了 花店花束

I was very happy with your company's service last time and that's why I chose to order from you again. I like your quick response time and photo record. Here in London, Mother's Day is actually in March. I always nearly forget to order gift for my mom in HK! Thanks a lot for your help. Regards

Ms. Kei from U.K | Dec 2017, 订购了 礼物篮Hamper

货品的质素很好,送货亦准时~ 十分满意贵同公司及各员工的服务~~ 谢谢~

Jimmy (香港) | Dec 2017, 订购了 花店花束

Thank you very much for the prompt and professional service.

Mr. Lau from Australia | Dec 2017, 订购了 水果篮

Thx a lot. The flower is very nice. Appreciate abt give gift's service. Thanks Gabriel Thanks Gabriel Sent from iphone

Mr. Yiu from Hong Kong | Nov 2017, 订购了 花店花束

有关 尚。礼。坊。