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客戶的回饋 Testimonials (1)

Hi, GiveGift colleagues, Nice product and very good service, thank you!

Mr. Sin from Hong Kong | Feb 2019, 訂購了 殯儀花圈花牌

Hi there , Thank you so much !!! The basket look very nice !and those fruit are so fresh and big ,my mom love it and happy !!! I'll definitely purchase in the coming further and refer you guys to my friends in Canada Thank you Cindy

Cindy from Hong Kong | Feb 2019, 訂購了 水果籃

您好, 我的兩個order都非常妥當。母親們很開心。送遞好準時。感謝您們!

Felix from Hong Kong | Feb 2019, 訂購了 花店鮮花擺設

Thanks! It was great and speedy! Definitely recommend you to others and may order again in the future. Keep it up! One thing maybe add more variety of items to the add-on list so the customers have more options to add items to their chosen hamper.

Ms. Yim from Hong Kong | Feb 2019, 訂購了 賀卡生日卡 禮物籃Hamper

Excellent service, thank you. I will recommend your company to my friends.

Ms. Cheng from Hong Kong | Feb 2019, 訂購了 水果籃

I ordered the mini three times the charm package. This is buy far the easiest and most professional company I've dealt with from an international stand point. I placed the order and received plenty of notifications about each step and what I needed to do. After doing things on my end, worked their magic and got my package delivered within 2-3 hours from placing the order. Receiving photos of the order is an excellent touch! Not only did the package presentation exceed what I expected but it actually looked better than the online photos! This will be my only online shop to ship flowers and gifts to Hong Kong! Thank you for the perfect service.

Mr.Jones from California | Jan 2019, 訂購了 送禮組合

Ms. Lo fm. HongKong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 水果籃

您好! 本人很滿意 貴公司的產品與服務。花束十分華麗,皮革心意卡和照片非常精美。女朋友(未婚妻)很喜歡! 請代爲感謝花藝師(悉心打造),運送團隊(專業守時),客戶服務(快捷準確)和其他有份參與的同事。 希望日後再與 貴公司聯關繫。謝謝!

Mr. Lau from Hong Kong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 花店花束

我已第二次惠顧,第一次是中秋節購買果藍 今次是我媽媽生日,媽咪好喜歡三眼仔公仔 我訂了一束花附加一個公仔 送貨又準時款色多! 祝你們生意繼續上升

Ms. Chan from Hong Kong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 花店花束 泰迪熊毛公仔

Ms. Chou from Hong Kong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 探病康復禮籃

Just wanted to say thank you very much for delivering the flowers. My friend loved them and your service was really good!

Anita from Australia | Jan 2019, 訂購了 生日禮物


Freda from Hong Kong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 殯儀花圈花牌

Thank you for your arrangement. My friend is very pleased. I definitely will place order next time due to your very good service.

Mrs. Sham from Hong Kong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 生日禮物


Ms. Cheung from Hong Kong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 花店鮮花擺設

謝謝你們的幫忙!爸爸已收到禮物了。他很開心!還有你們很有交帶,thank you so much for your prompt service. I will definitely order from you guys again. Keep up the good work

Ms. Lee from Hong Kong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 水果籃

Dear Sirs, I placed an order with your company and would just like to write in about the service that was provided. I am very satisfied with the good service provided. The fruit basket I ordered was fresh and the recipient was very happy too with the service, even by simply calling upon delivery of the fruit basket. I am very surprised that your company sent me an email to update the status of the delivery too, with photos that were so detailed. I am from Singapore and I have never encountered such prompt service here. Thumbs up to all of you at Give Gift. Thank you! Best Regards,

Mr. Kea fm. Singapore | Jan 2019, 訂購了 水果籃

Thank you so much for your excellent service! My friend has received the gift and sent me a message to notify the received! She is too happy and surprise for d gift deliver to her. Once again.. thank you for the great job! Have a good good day!!!

Jessia from Malaysia | Jan 2019, 訂購了 生日禮物

好靚呀!老師都話包裝精美,唔該晒⋯⋯ 有機會一定再搵你地order!!

Ms. Ngai from Hong Kong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 水果籃


Mr. Leung from Hong Kong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 花店花束

| Jan 2019, 訂購了 殯儀花圈花牌

Dinh from Vietnam | Jan 2019, 訂購了 殯儀花圈花牌

Mrs. Shing from Hong Kong | Jan 2019, 訂購了 開張花籃

Dear GiftGift team, 感謝你們的妥善安排, 朋友很喜歡禮物籃! 欣賞你們的貼心服務, 請繼續努力 :) 祝生意興隆! Cheers,

陳小姐(香港) | Dec 2018, 訂購了 BB嬰兒禮物

Anna from Hong Kong | Dec 2018, 訂購了 花店附加禮物 BB嬰兒禮物 花店附加禮物 花店附加禮物


Ms. Poon from Hong Kong | Dec 2018, 訂購了 花店花束

Thank you very much for helping me deliver such beautiful and decent fruits hamper to my friends as grand opening gift in such short period of ordering time. I would refer your wonderful services to my friends in the coming days. Thanks for being so patient to me and caring to my purpose of gift giving.

Ms. Wong (Hong Kong) | Dec 2018, 訂購了 水果籃

朋友收到了感到她們很喜歡和滿意!謝謝! 初次選用你們的服務感覺很超值而且包裝很漂亮,不錯!很好!已開賬户了剛發現原來你們除了果籃還有很多其他禮籃選擇期待下次再光顧你們的服務!

Ms. Kong from Hong Kong | Dec 2018, 訂購了 水果籃

這是本人第一次在網上訂購果籃, 因早前聽報導有關網購果籃花束投訴, 所以在訂購貴店商品時也有擔心, 但在落單後即時收到貴店同事回電, 對貴店服務有良好印象。加上送貨快而且“有圖有真相”, 已對你們服務很滿意了。而最重要收貨人大讚生果鮮甜,吃得開心, 所以是次訂購經驗令本人對貴店十分有信心。並會介紹給朋友。 祝福貴店生意興隆,員工們身體健康, 主恩常在!

Ms. Ng from Hong Kong | Dec 2018, 訂購了 水果籃

很滿意妥善安排及送貨 司機態度及跟進程度很 好 如有需要 一定會再次向貴司購買

Ms.Yim from Hong Kong | Nov 2018, 訂購了 泰迪熊毛公仔 水果籃

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