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Business Gift

- 92 products, under 1 main collection, plus 2 related catalogs suggestions -

/ Who are we ? /

Give Gift Boutique has served local and oversea customers all kinds of gifts for more than 10 years, with know-how attitude and turnkey solutions, we helped numerous business corporate to fulfill their gifting projects and to build positive brand images for further development.

Our strength in innovative packaging helps us have loyal corporate clients who always look for inspirational ideas and signature packaging to stand out from the crowd.

You name it, and we make it!

Corporate Gift Ideas

Whether you want to motivate your employees, reward them or strengthen the business relationship with customers and suppliers. hong kong ggb is here to provide you with various customized vi corporate gift service. from packaging, designing, formating to gift theme and funtion, we offer one-stop services according to clients’ requirement and budget.

+ All Year Gift Set + Improve Performance + Higher Efficiency + Customer Retention + More Motivated + Get The Customer


  • Customized Corporate Gift
  • Corporate Gift Hamper
  • Special Techniques
  • Preserved Flower/Fresh Flower
One-stop bespoke corporate gift service to reward your staffs and to build corporate images.

/ GGB Corporate Clients /

/ Packaging & Designing Solution /

· Customers Choose Gifts from GGB

1.Select your gifts from over 2000 gift items of GGB’s gifting catalogue

2.Mix and match to compose the beautiful gift set for you

3.Create the unique business style suitable for corporate gifting by adding extra customized elements.

· Customers Provide Gift Items

1.Design gift box according to customers’ chosen materials and shapes

2.Using engraving, imprint, stamping techniques to add company logo, name or other information to the packaging

3.Wrap customers’ favorite gifts to complete the box and packaging

· Choose Your Own Theme

1.Tell us the theme of your gift, for example, VIP client thank-you gift, staff appreciation gift, promotional gift, business corporate gift and so on

2.We choose various gifts to match your theme within the budget

3.Design unique gift package with customized corporate elements made exclusive for you

· Bring Your Own Gift Ideas to Life

1.Send to us the specific items that you want to use as gifts.

2.We elevate the gift style by adding extra premium gifts to it and combine them into bespoke corporate gift.

3.Deliver the one-of-a-kind gift to your recipients

/ Our extra finishing touch for you /

· Gift Package Materials ·

1. Leather    2. Wood    3. Paper    4. Plastic    5. Cloths

· Methods ·

1. Thermal printing    2. Embossing    3. Hot stamping ribbon printing with company logo  4. Wood laser engraving
5. Embroidery on various materials    6.Customized greeting card


Trustworthy Company

We make gifting never so easy before. With over 10 years of experience in the gift giving industry, we know exactly what our clients want and how to create a beautiful gift set with all sorts of innovative ideas. Our one-stop service provide worry-free solutions for customers all over the world.

Capability & Reliability

Our capability of handling different volumes of products give us a chance to fulfill various customers’ requirements, ranging from 30-10000 pieces, we are flexible in helping small or large companies to create their own business corporate gifts with premium gifts, high quality materials and artistic designs.

Creative Solution

First impression counts. Our main goal is to ensure the innovative elements of your gift box, whether the color, the shape, the materials or the design, we strive to make it stand out from the crowd so that your business gifts can impress your recipients and help them remember your company.

Diverse Selection

No matter what your budget is, you can always find gifts from us that satisfy your needs. We are skilled at making all kinds of gift hampers and gift boxes, from everyday essentials to premium luxurious styles, we have gifting experts to help you come up with the best gift sets that you are happy about.


1.Tell us your budget, theme,
color tone, etc

2.Select the gifts according to
clients’ need

3.Source brand name/famous
gifts if required

4.Combine gifts into a unique gift
hamper/ gift box

5.Arrange payment

6.Deliver to recipients

Lead Time: 2-4 weeks depending on the scale of the production


1.Discuss with our designers your ideas

2.Sketch and design and send first draft for approval

3.Sample making

4.Incorporate packaging design with the gifts

5.Finish product and deliver to clients

Lead time: 3-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the design

/ Trust us in the first step , And we will do the rest till the last step /

Luxury style, premium style, everyday, Brand name products, Know-how, Creative solution, Well-formed customer service

2021 Hong Kong Bespoke Corporate Gift

Sending business gift is never an easy job; what to give and whom to give to have long been confusing some companies. In fact, the custom of sending corporate gift has a long history and is widely followed in many ways. For example: to congratulate relocation of business partners or their new shop’s grand opening; to promote business partnership; to thank the support of the partner company; to reward staffs and to reward the loyal customers, etc. Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique newly starts a one-stop customized business gift service to help companies save a lot of time and money. We have long-term partnership with many big shopping malls, insurance companies, banks and property developers in Hong Kong to design the bespoke corporate gift hampers to meet their requirements. Many banks, insurance companies and credit card companies that we work with provide all sorts of rewards for their clients and VIP members. These include: prestige birthday privileges; VIP member bonus points program and high-end client prestige service, etc. Our customized corporate gift meets the need of business gift giving. Here’re some services we offer: to design the year round personalized prestige birthday gift packs for customers and VIP members using corporate style and logo gift box; to customized bonus points program gifts hamper based on company budget and encourage consumption for bonus points; to tailor-made bespoke gifts for high-end clients with our many brand name gift options with the aim of keeping the loyal customers and attracting new ones. Besides, after taking possession of the department, many flat owners will receive a pack of house-warming gifts from property developers. These house-warming gifts include: coffee machine, toaster, brand name cups, kitchen utensil gift pack, carpet, buffet coupon, etc. Though the gifts are practical, they can’t bring long-term benefits for the real estate sale. A well thought house-warming gift is different; it not only expresses the warm and sincere service attitude towards the new flat owners, but also increases potential buyer intents. Our business house-warming gift customized service include the following: different kinds of premium corporate gift for mix and match combination aiming at different age group property buyers; different budget plan bespoke gifts for various flat type owners; Logo attached house-warming gifts to draw new buyers’ attention to the high quality service of the property. Please feel free to contact us for customized corporate business gifts bulk order.
Gourmet Gift Hampers
products, under main collection, plus related catalogs suggestions

Product Collections
Main Collection 1
▶ Hero Gourmet Gift Hampers
- selected gifts from 5 food hampers collections
( 10 products, $570 HKD - $2460 HKD )
Macaunot available
China+Worldnot available
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Delivery after 12/12
Main Collection 2
▶ Gourmet Gift Hampers - Series I
- formal classical business style
( 77 products, $85 HKD - $4005 HKD )
( 2 products, $465 HKD (Macau) - $1140 HKD (Macau) )
( 2 products, $660 HKD (World) - $2260 HKD (World) )
Show Products
China+World delivery available
Delivery after 12/12
China+World delivery available
Sold Out
Delivery after 12/12
Delivery after 12/12
Delivery after 12/12
Not Sold Individually product
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Not Sold Individually product
Main Collection 3
▶ Gourmet Gift Hampers - Series II
- natural and British lifestyle designs
( 15 products, $505 HKD - $3350 HKD )
Macaunot available
China+Worldnot available
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Main Collection 4
▶ Premium Winebox Gifts
- wooden and leather made wine box gifts
( 10 products, $420 HKD - $1550 HKD )
( 4 products, $420 HKD (Macau) - $1550 HKD (Macau) )
China+Worldnot available
Show Products
Accessory Price $360
Accessory Price $1320
Main Collection 5
▶ With Fruits Hampers
- best of both worlds
( 5 products, $655 HKD - $3140 HKD )
( 1 products, $3140 HKD (Macau) - $3140 HKD (Macau) )
China+Worldnot available
Show Products
Main Collection 6
▶ Chilled Hampers (below 10°C) and Frozen Hampers (below 0°C)
- unavailable at the moment
( 7 products, $710 HKD - $1625 HKD )
Macaunot available
China+Worldnot available
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About our Gourmet Hampers
In the
Now TV Gift Hamper media 1
Now TV Gift Hamper media 2
NOW TV main news reported on Christmas festive corporate gift hampers sales in Hong Kong, on location at Give Gift Boutique, a leading gift basket supplier in HK.
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Serving Corporate Clients

GGB is a top corporate gift provider in Hong Kong, professionally served over a thousand companies, publicly listed and SMEs...
> About GGB Corporate clients and services
GGB Gift Hampers Advantages
Give Gift Boutique dedicates to designing and producing gift basket hampers, delivered over 10000 hampers in 2021, with very positive customer feedbacks. Our professional R&D, purchasing, production, QA and delivery crew will keep impressing you and the gift recipients with our 2022 gifts.
Owns Leather Hampers factory
Give Gift Boutique is the only gift company in HK and Macau to have our own man-made leather hampers factory in Mainland, a definite advantage for our leather hamper collection
Professional Gift Baskets R&D
GGB analyzes over 1200 food products / wines / brands annually. Former purchaser at !a gift hamper supplying premium supermarket chain! also joined our management consulting team, sharpening our edge on items negotiation, purchasing and R&D
HK and Macau top 3 in sale
GGB sale in 2021 continues annual increase,making GGB top 3 in hamper sales. Large scale computerized operation allows our specialization in management, production, purchasing, printing, photography, etc, allowing us to maintain the same price level for 5 years, and improving on top quality.
Premium Brands Carried
Give Gift Boutique gift baskets and hampers uses a carefully selected colletion of brands, one of the most extensive repoiratoire in Hong Kong, including large brands and latest trendy brands... > More Brands carried at GGB
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GGB Gift Hampers
GiveGift is one of the top gift hampers providers to corporations in Hong Kong. Careful selection of top brands, and good price-value offerings. Free professional tailored gift consultation and proposals, our friendly staff look forward to serving you.

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