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Green Plants n Bonsai

Product Collections
Main Collection 1
▶ Plants and Bonsai
- table top size bonsai, and waist height plants
( 37 products, $295 HKD - $710 HKD )
( 8 products, $380 HKD (Macau) - $675 HKD (Macau) )
China+Worldnot available
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related catalog 1
Related Collection : Flower Arrangement Decor
- reception desk, home, gifting
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About our Plant Bonais
Green Living
Plants as gift is obviously becoming increasingly trendy. Bonsai plant brings green, tranquility, and style into the home and office space. There are also many plants with auspicious meaning in Chinese that symbolizes good health, good fortune, and longevity. Plants can usually last for a few months if properly cared for, making it also a fresh gift that lasts. 90% of our plants are purchased for gifting to businesses and male recipients.
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