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Health Gift - Healthy Pampering (B) - P4787 Photo
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Health Gift - Healthy Pampering (B) - P4787 Photo
Healthy Pampering (B)
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Household first aid, Chinese medicinal products, health food products, energy enhancement products. Supplied from Hong Kong's top 5 health product lines, product authentication guarenteed.

Disclaimer: Give. Gift. Boutique, is not a retailer of medical products under code 1 and 2.
  1. Eu Yan Sang, Hong Kong, Spot Whitening Capsules Skin Care
  2. Impetial bird's Nest Once-A-Day Bird's Nest
  3. Home Of Swallows Bird's Nest Candy / Yuhin Dragon Candy
  4. Wai Yuen Tong, Hong Kong, Brid's Nest Pak Fung Pills
  5. Wai Yuen Tong, Hong Kong, Shi Quan Da Bu Pills, For Plae Complexion
  6. Home Of Swallows, Hong Kong, Cordyceps Sinensis With Bird's Nest
  7. Home Of Swallows, Hong Kong, Rock Sugar Bird's Nest
  8. Home Of Swallows, Hong Kong, Bird's Nest in jar
  9. Cordyceps Mycelia Capsules Trial Gift / New Zealand Airborne Natural Honeydew 500g
  10. Man-made Leather Gift Hamper with side Handles(color varies)
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Additional Information
  • This gift comes with message card board (public and afix on top) OR the exclusive leather photo card (private and in an envelop) (what's that?)
Approx. Reference Dimension
Gift Hampers Width: 22 cm x Height: 41 cm (equals Width: 8 in. x Height: 1 ft. 4 in.)
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