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2018 Valentine's Day Flower and Gift Collection

Product Collections
Main Collection 1
▶ 2018 Multiple Main Flower Series
- French inspired styles, with accompanying flowers and foilages
( 16 products, $1120 HKD - $1650 HKD )
Macaunot available
China+Worldnot available
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Main Collection 3
▶ Valentine's Day selected box flowers
- a heart-warming Valentine's gift choice
( 11 products, $620 HKD - $1350 HKD )
( 7 products, $620 HKD (Macau) - $1320 HKD (Macau) )
China+Worldnot available
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Main Collection 4
▶ Presevered Forever flower Series
- symbolized forever love, a trendy way to gift
( 32 products, $365 HKD - $1340 HKD )
Macaunot available
( 11 products, $520 HKD (World) - $1300 HKD (World) )
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China+World delivery available
Out Of Stock
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
Out Of Stock
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
Worldwide Light Parcel
China+World delivery available
Worldwide Light Parcel
China+World delivery available
Out Of Stock
China+World delivery available
related catalog 1
Related Collection : Teddy and Chocolate Add-on Gifts
- must purchase with flower products
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Not Sold Individually product
Not Sold Individually product
Out Of Stock
Not Sold Individually product
Accessory Price $378

About our Valentine's Day Gifts
Spectacular Roses
- 100% S.American roses by air
  • South American roses are the best wholesale import roses in Hong Kong and also the more expensive
  • Compared to the more common Kunming or Kenyan roses, S.A. roses are larger in size, with stronger petals, and last longer
  • Give Gift Boutique is one of the very few florists in Hong Kong to uses all S.A. roses for Valentine's 2015
Reliable and Worry-Free
- 100% on-time and fresh deliveries
  • Sent out hundreds of bouquets in V.Day 2017, at top freshness, with highly positive feedbacks and zero complaint
  • Computerized order and logistics management, with record of zero missed order, zero wrong delivery and zero wrong card
  • For more please visit our In Press and Media page and About Us page
Premium Imported Preserved Flower
Japan and Netherland imports from top 4 suppliers
S. American and S. African imports from top 2 suppliers
Mingling with dried flower/foliage, cactus, and other elements
British Style Gift Booklet
- premium and keepsake value
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2018 Hong Kong Valentine's Day collection from Give Gift Boutique florist

14th February is the Western Valentine's Day, people will usually prepare presents to their lover/valentine to express feelings. Chocolate and purchasing flower at HK florist roses are most popular for Hong Kong couples.

As people know, roses symbolize romantic love. But different colors and numbers also have different meanings.For colors - Red means passionate love, pink means fist love and purple means your love is more important than my happiness. For numbers: 18 means heart-to-heart love , faithful and honest love while 99 means love forever.

2015 Valentine's day , Hong Kong flower shop Give Gift Boutique uses south American roses for all orders, having the advantage of having definitively larger flowers, with long keeping period. Our florist design many flower bouquets with European and Japanese artistic lineage, and also paperless wrapping designs, together with unique Valentine's day gift cards. As to card contents of course "Happy Valentine's Day. I Love You!" is the most common.

Gentle reminder: Valentine's day 2015 Feb 14th is on a Saturday, and customer can choose delivery period as AM or PM. For Feb 13th delivery, flower would arrive before 3pm for sure, and we would try best to rush for AM. Due to supplies and to secure your flower delivery schedule, please order and complete payment early.