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Green Plants n Bonsai

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About our Plant Bonais
Green Living
Plants as gift is obviously becoming increasingly trendy. Bonsai plant brings green, tranquility, and style into the home and office space. There are also many plants with auspicious meaning in Chinese that symbolizes good health, good fortune, and longevity. Plants can usually last for a few months if properly cared for, making it also a fresh gift that lasts. 90% of our plants are purchased for gifting to businesses and male recipients.
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Green Plant
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Nowadays, people normally give things like flowers, hampers or jewelries as gifts, but few people consider sending potted plants as presents. Actually, potted plants are not merely simple plants, they are very well designed to be an artwork that you can’t help but to appreciate. Potted plants can be used in many areas, for example, home decoration, company opening or even a small accessory for your restaurant counters.

Our Hong Kong flower shop has special potted plants that worth having a look. We have small to medium size evergreen trees like Podocarpus macrophyllus which is rare and of high value, a symbol of good things. There are various types of potted plants, when you receive the gift, you don’t just see one plant, instead, you will see combinations of many different things like orchids, small potatoes, small woods, small stones and moss. They are all made by our well trained florists and you will not see the same style elsewhere in Hong Kong, traditional yet creative. For each green plant, we choose the suitable pot/vase that matches the overall style, clients can choose what they want accordingly. Some plants have extra accessories in order to add on some festival elements. All the green plant gifts will attach a greeting card, you can send messages to whoever you want to and to avoid misunderstanding and confusion.

Anybody who is interested in potted plants can make it yourself, here are some methods to help you. Firstly, choose the right materials. Plants can be divided into herb, woody and vine plants, different types have different shapes and habits, when you choose what to grow, it’s better to mix the plants with the similar habits. Second, choose the suitable container. They can be Chinese or Western style, Chinese style mainly use pottery and Western style mainly use china. Apart from the size, you may also need to consider the color of the plants and the container so that they match nicely. Last but not least, you can start making your own DIY potted plant and have some fun.

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