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Christmas New Year Gift Basket Hampers
2018 Hong Kong New Year Gift
Merry Christmas 2021! The 2021 Christmas Gift Hampers 1st Edition has been released, and accepting orders! GGB delivered over 3000 Christmas gift hampers with very positive feedbacks in 2020, we look forward to serving current and new customers alike.

Product Collections
Main Collection 1
▶ 2021 Hero Gift Hampers
- selected xmas gifts from our 5 main collections
( 15 products, $415 HKD - $2240 HKD )
( 5 products, $415 HKD (Macau) - $2240 HKD (Macau) )
China+Worldnot available
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Main Collection 2
▶ 2021 Xmas Gift Hampers - Series I
- formal classical business style
( 92 products, $370 HKD - $11110 HKD )
( 49 products, $370 HKD (Macau) - $2780 HKD (Macau) )
China+Worldnot available
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Main Collection 3
▶ 2021 Xmas Gift Hampers - Series II
- natural and British lifestyle designs
( 28 products, $510 HKD - $3320 HKD )
( 15 products, $510 HKD (Macau) - $3320 HKD (Macau) )
China+Worldnot available
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Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
Main Collection 4
▶ 2021 INSPIRIA Xmas Gift Hampers - NEW Series
- Italian streamlined design, ultra-thematic, for ultra impression
( 9 products, $575 HKD - $1305 HKD )
Macaunot available
China+Worldnot available
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Main Collection 5
▶ 2021 Mailable Christmas Gifts - Series III
- mailable to China, the world, and also Hong Kong
( 8 products, $580 HKD - $2110 HKD )
( 8 products, $580 HKD (Macau) - $2110 HKD (Macau) )
( 8 products, $580 HKD (World) - $2110 HKD (World) )
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China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
China+World delivery available
related catalog 3
Related Collection : Christmas Fresh Fruit Baskets
- a fresh and healthy choice
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related catalog 4
Related Collection : Xmas Chic Personal Gifts
- lovely way to say merry xmas
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Not Sold Individually product
China+World delivery available
Worldwide Light Parcel
related catalog 5
Related Collection : Christmas Add-on gifts
- chocolate, champagne, skin care
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Accessory Price $360
Not Sold Individually product
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About our Christmas Gifts
In the
Now TV Gift Hamper media 1
Now TV Gift Hamper media 2
NOW TV main news reported on Christmas festive corporate gift hampers sales in Hong Kong, on location at Give Gift Boutique, a leading gift basket supplier in HK.
> more media reports
Premium Brands Carried
Give Gift Boutique gift baskets and hampers uses a carefully selected colletion of brands, one of the most extensive repoiratoire in Hong Kong, including large brands and latest trendy brands... > More Brands carried at GGB

Send to
China &
For years GGB has successfully completed thousands of China and World gift delivery, sending the best eastern / western goods from HK, to your clients and beloved around the world. Delivery fee $100 - $450HKD
> Details on Global Delivery
Serving Corporate Clients

GGB is a top corporate gift provider in Hong Kong, professionally served over a thousand companies, publicly listed and SMEs...
> About GGB Corporate clients and services
Corporate Quoations
- Gift basket content can be adjusted, also we can tailor corporate Christmas hampers according to your specs and budget, inquiries hotline 2736 6670.
Companies placing multiple orders can fill out this form, or email us your own document... more details >>
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GGB Gift Hampers Advantages
Give Gift Boutique dedicates to designing and producing gift basket hampers, delivered over 10000 hampers in 2021, with very positive customer feedbacks. Our professional R&D, purchasing, production, QA and delivery crew will keep impressing you and the gift recipients with our 2022 gifts.
Owns Leather Hampers factory
Give Gift Boutique is the only gift company in HK and Macau to have our own man-made leather hampers factory in Mainland, a definite advantage for our leather hamper collection
Professional Gift Baskets R&D
GGB analyzes over 1200 food products / wines / brands annually. Former purchaser at !a gift hamper supplying premium supermarket chain! also joined our management consulting team, sharpening our edge on items negotiation, purchasing and R&D
HK and Macau top 3 in sale
GGB sale in 2021 continues annual increase,making GGB top 3 in hamper sales. Large scale computerized operation allows our specialization in management, production, purchasing, printing, photography, etc, allowing us to maintain the same price level for 5 years, and improving on top quality.
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First Impression. Lasting Impression.
F e s t i v e - W r a p
  • Xmas-Santa Plush
  • Xmas 3D Ribbon Bow
  • Xmas Gift Card
INSPIRIA   |   Italiano!
- Italian Design [New. Style] Hampers
From 10 years of Hampers making experience, and 2 years of collaborating with clients to refine the design, we are happy to announce this new permanent gift collection:
  • Collaborated with young Italian designer Giovanna S., luxurious yet surpasses tradition
  • Infusing Italian architectural concepts, emphasizes imagination and creative spaces
  • European style veneer (3 patterns) & streamlined structural design, corresponds with interactivity in the i-age
  • "ARTICOLO Items Space" and "TEMATICA Theming Space" purposefully accentuate each's function, creating "the moment" upon receiving the gift
  • No use of transparant wrapping paper, eco-friendly, and standardized items placement delivers grandiose
Design Patent Application 1915260.8, a first in the industry.
Electrifying INsPiriA - Bling!

  • PRESSS ME! Watch the theme story happen!
  • Decor space carries DC electricity
  • Can bespoke any Light / Motor / Sound / Detect / Screen electric elements
! Santa Claus's INSPIRIA !
That's the Christmas Spirit! Instantly emitting that special Xmas feeling, is paramount in seasonal gifting! As the first collection upon INSPIRIA's creation, it showcases new products w/ 8 or more xmas decors.

With the Xmas decor section out in the open, without the wrapping plastic barrier, captivate your special one in a second! Each decor can be untied, and reused for office desk/home decoration!
Happy & Artsy & Trendy!
All Christmas gift basket comes free with one of the 2021 design message board. Customers can provide name cards for us to attach

2022 Hong Kong Christmas Gift and Christmas Hampers - The Ultimate 2021 HK Xmas Gifts Guide

Hong Kong 2021 Christmas gift and Christmas hampers are popular in one of the most clamored festivals in the world. There are various interpretations on the origins and meaning on the Saint Nicolas legend, regardless of the evolution of the Christmas and Hong Kong Christmas in particular, it is a fact that Hong Kong people like to celebrate with gift exchange and gift hampers. In particular Hong Kong companies like to send corporate Christmas gift hampers to business partners to recognize their hard work particularly in this difficult times, with a nice "Merry Christmas".

In Hong Kong Christmas celebration is massive and festive, particularly at the Hong Kong Christmas gift shopping scene. Most shops in Hong Kong, regardless of whether their product is usually made for gifting, would come up with a gift to cash in on the holiday, usually of a Hong Kong Xmas hamper with items from the shop. As there are thousands of Xmas gifts choices, shopping for the right one is not that easy.

Our store Give Gift Boutique has released the 2015 Christmas gift hamper and romantic Christmas gift collection, featuring over 100 choices. The Hong Kong business Christmas hampers sets usually contains red wine, chocolate, coffee, Asian tea, ginseng tea, premium hotel egg rolls, Christmas cake, jenny bakery cookies, and others. The commercial Christmas hampers are offered at different price range, most of which are in premium leather hampers, starting from $395 to over $2000HKD.

Last but not least, wish you all a Merry Christmas in Hong Kong, and happy shopping our Hong Kong Xmas Gift collection.

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