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Market of Flowers and Pets-a Memorable Place for the Cantonese

Market of Flowers and Pets-a Memorable Place for the Cantonese

by Julie
posted: 2018-07-09 16:00:00 +0800

Many people’s first impression on Cantonese is that they pay a lot of attention on their health and wellness; they cook Cantonese soup almost every day and like to go to “Yum Cha” every morning. What’s more, they enjoy gardening in their own balcony or small yards, playing with birds in the cage, and chatting with a group of former neighbors on the street. It may sound like many people’s dream life after they retired, but how can the Cantonese do it? How do they develop such relaxing attitudes towards things? Some people believe that it’s the nature of Cantonese that they were born with; others think that Cantonese is sentimental towards old things and like to talk about the good old days they cherish. There’s a saying about it, that is, visitors come to Guangzhou to see animals in the Chimelong Safari Park while the locals go to Huadiwan Flower Fish Bird Market to search for the good old day memories.

The Bird and Flower market is located in Huadiwan, Fangcun in Guangzhou. It is also known as Yuehe Flower and Bird Art World and covers an area of 100,000 square meters. The establishment of the Guangzhou flower market is to meet the demands of the increasing number of flowers, fish and pet lovers. This trade market for flowers, birds and pets is huge with many special features; it’s an interesting and professional flower and pet trade market which attracts numerous tourists from around the world every year. This market is also nominated as the “Guangzhou One Day Trip” scenic spot by the Guangzhou Tourism Administration. For those who truly love flowers, birds, fish and pets, the Guangzhou Flower and Bird market is a paradise for them.

When you walk into the Guangzhou Flower and Bird Market, you will see the clear division of different sections. Although there’re not so many fancy decorations, there are 6 separated areas for visitors. They are: the aquarium area, the Rosewood Area, the Crafts Area, the Stones Area, the Pets Area, the Birds Area, and the Gardening Area. Among them, the aquarium area is especially intriguing because of its large variety of beautiful water plants and corals, as well as the amazing tropical fish.


The Adults like to visit the Rosewood District, Crafts District, and Stones District because they can do some “treasure digging” there. The cute little animals in the Pets and Birds area melt the hearts of all the children.


Among all the areas in the Birds and Flowers Market, the gardening section is the most popular. Why? Because the colorful blooming flowers draw every visitor’s attention and there is no fishy smell or stinky animals smell like in the aquarium area. Apart from that, the aromatic floral arrangement make you feel refreshed even in the hot summer, and because the prices of flowers and plants are so reasonable that many local Cantonese come and pick their favorite flowers and plants for home decoration. To shop in this Market of Flowers and Pets, you won’t realize how time flies and it’s already a whole day when you finish your shopping.


Though there’s nothing fancy about the flower market, it is a place for you to take a peek at the local Cantonese culture. You will hear the Cantonese language there, and all sorts of bargaining noise; you will walk on the not so clean floor but you won’t be annoyed; as this is our trace of life, a good old memory of the past. The Bird and Flower Market reminds us of the good time when our parents took us there to buy flowers and animals, the time that we will never forget.

Route guide:

Address:Huadiwan, Liwan District, Guangzhou.

1. Guangzhou Metro: Line 1 Huadiwan Metro Station

2. Bus: No.74, Guang No. 281, No.556, No.71, No.209

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