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Blog Tag: Green Plants n Bonsai

The History and Care of the Bonsai Tree


While most people associate the bonsai tree with Japan did you know that these tiny trees wer ...

posted: 02-18-2019

Finding the Right Flowers for Your Business

Flowers have a way making any space feel more welcoming and enticing. They’re colourful, comforting, and smell divine, which is ...

posted: 02-21-2019

Breathe Better! Top 7 Plants and Flowers for Better Indoor Air Quality

On the smoggy days in Hong Kong it’s best to stay inside but our indoor air quality is often compromised too with poor circulation, chemical cleaners, and dirty air conditi ...

posted: 10-08-2019

Flower Facts: All About Eucalyptus

Outside were the eucalyptus trees, like lace against the sky. If it were only possible to lie against them, light and bodiless, sink into their softne ...

posted: 03-18-2021

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