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All about Mid-autumn fruit hampers

All about Mid-autumn fruit hampers

by Water
posted: 2020-08-31 15:00:00 +0800

Mid-autumn hamper usually includes fruits, moon cake gift boxes, tea, wine and snacks. According to different combinations, they can also be given to family, friends, business partners and colleagues. Let's take a peek at the fruits, moon cakes and delicacies in the general Mid-Autumn gift hampers.

Fruits for Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival has the meaning of reunion and harvest because it falls on the harvest season while many fruits are ripe and ready to be harvested, therefore fruits are no doubt your first choice in the sending of MAF fruit gift hampers. Some seasonal fruits have the meaning of reunion and harvest, which are suitable as a gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival hampers.

Mid-Autumn fruit-Pomelo

The Mid-Autumn Festival is in the season when pomelo is delicious, on the other hand, the Chinese pronunciation of pomelo has the Chinese equivalent of the word “blessing”, which is considered to have auspicious meanings. Pomelo is also a symbol of reunion, which means blessing, protection and happiness. In the Mid Autumn Festival, when the whole family is reunited and sons and daughters return home for reunion, eating pomelo is the perfect thing to do during the MAF festival.

Mid Autumn Fruit Hamper M18

Mid-Autumn fruit-Carambola

Carambola has an allusion of triumphant as it looks like stars when cut into pieces, and it gives people exciting feelings of watching the moon and the stars during Mid-autumn festival. In addition, the weather during the Mid-Autumn Festival is windy and dry which makes people to feel thirsty easily, so the carambola can quickly replenish body water with the effect of moisturizing and rejuvenating. After eating greasy moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn holiday, eating some sweet and sour carambola can eliminate flatulence and increase appetite, which is beneficial to your health.