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All about fragrance

All about fragrance

posted: 2022-09-23 22:30:00 +0800

Fragrance item can be found in many occasions .There are so many options of them on the scents and forms.The earliest use of fragrance can be traced back to the ancient Egypt. Nowadays,the use of fragrance interprets taste, the pursuit of personalization and lifestyle.

History of fragrance

The first documented fragrance formula was from ancient Egypt. In the ancient times, people relate the use of fragrance to religion. They attempted to connect to gods with the ceremony and diffusing sacred smoke.

Though Persia is able to extract fragrant essential oil and carry it around in containers thousands of years ago, it’s France that makes fragrance widely known.

During the Middle Ages, the Black Death disease was rampant, desperate people believed that perfume could purify their body and soul. French nobles put on perfume to dispel evil spirits and diseases and meanwhile cover their body odour. The nobles in western Europe imitate each other and follow the trend. Gradually, they spread the habit of wearing perfume to all class. Grasse ,located in the south of  France ,is the city of perfume. Its unique Mediterranean climate and geographic advantage provide abundant quality flower material for perfume. Combined with the outstanding technique of perfume production, Grasse still remains the center of perfume industry nowadays.

Skin Care & relax gift Set

Positive effect of fragrance

Help with sleep

Increase charm and self-confidence

Cover unpleasant odour

Soothing and calm

Relieve stress and anxiety

Purify the air

Build atmosphere in the environment

Prevent wormholes

Reduce humidity

Prevent mould growth

Category of fragrance

Body fragrance

Fragrance body spray, scented cream & lotion, essential oil, solid perfume

Home fragrance & fragrance decoration

Aroma stone diffuser, scent diffuser machine, scented candle, reed diffuser set

Distinction of each type of fragrance

1.Scent diffuser machine, scented candle and reed diffuser set disperse a larger amount of scent and cover relatively wider area ,suitable for the living room and lobby.

2.Reed diffuser is safe and free of smoke, suitable for poorly ventilated space and people sensitive to smoke. Reed diffuser disperses scent evenly and continuously, which is better than wood and bamboo diffuser. The natural plant material is nontoxic and it blends in well with the liquid fragrance.

3.Aroma stone diffuser releases light scent slowly ,suitable to use at small area ,for instance ,inside a car and on the office desk.Essential oils and perfumes are both applicable.

4.Natural essential oil: Aromatherapy suggested that natural essential oil absorbed through skin and respiratory tract can modulate the inner circulation and metabolism of human body.