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Birthday Gifts for Besties

Birthday Gifts for Besties

by Water
posted: 2020-09-14 17:00:00 +0800

Whenever we are joyful or sad, besties stand by our side and witness our growth, so it'll be a great idea to send her a gift with love on her birthday and cheer her up. For those who have little gift-giving experience, choosing a present is not easy. We have compiled a list of recommended birthday gifts for her, and provide you with some gifting tips.

Exquisite gift


The majority of girls like dolls. The toys from the famous UK brand JellyCat, the American Hallmark Forever Friends, and the innovative brand Barnes & Coleman are very cute and suitable as birthday gifts for besties.In addition, the wooden rabbit from the world-famous French brand Agnes b. is adorable as its hands and feet are flexible for various movement which is sure to bring endless fun to your BFF.

Barnes & Coleman Classic Light brownTeddy Bear


Although jewelries like earrings and bracelets are considered accessories, they are also indispensable for girls. If your bestie is a person who loves to dress up, you may consider sending jewelry as a birthday present to append a little more temperament to your bestie.

3.Fragrance Candle

Fragrance candle will emit a light aroma when burning, which can relieve spirit and make people cheerful. On your friend's birthday, give her scented candles to help her relax, and she will definately feel your care for her.

4.Preserved Flower Bouquets

Preserved flower bouquets for birthday. Preserved flowers are made with unique technique which capture the best bloom of the flowers to last for a long time and do not require special care. When your best friend sees this bunch of flowers, she will unconsciously think of you, which can strengthen the friendship between the two of you.

Spring Preserved Flower M47

5.Music Box Preserved Flower

The packaging of the preserved flower music box is finely designed. It looks like it is just a pretty ornament, but it is actually a music box. After switching on, the music box will rotate and play beautiful music at the same time, adding some atmosphere to the birthday. Select the preserved flower music box to send to your best friend, and bring her a bit of surprise.