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Blessing Phrases, Congratulation Greetings and Gift Card Wordings for House Warming

Blessing Phrases, Congratulation Greetings and Gift Card Wordings for House Warming

posted: 2023-06-19 23:00:00 +0800

Moving into a new house is a huge event in life, which may be related to fate, health, and career. Following through the traditional house warming etiquette is half way to success. On moving day, the host should hold ceremonies to welcome the new life and get rid of the bad spirit, praying for safety and everything going on well. They will speak aloud auspicious blessing phrases and guests to the house warming dinner should say congratulation phrases before entering the house. Guests write their sincere congratulation messages on the gift card. As this tradition is very important to the host, Give Gift Boutiques will share some blessing phrases, congratulation greetings, and gift card wordings for the occasion so that you could get well prepared.

House Warming Blessing Phrases

In tradition, moving in refers to the moment you actually start living in a new residence. You can’t count it moving in when you went in and out during renovation or when you settle the furniture one piece after another in the house. As soon as the auspicious time arrives, the host starts entering the house, followed by their closest family. Everyone holds a piece of auspicious item and speak aloud a blessing phrase one by one. The house warming ritual is a serious occasion where laughing and teasing around is considered disrespectful and inappropriate. The blessing phrases should be spoken firmly and loudly. Below are some blessing phrases you could say before entering the house, they will help build an exciting and thriving vibe:

(Wealth) Each steps to into the house brings in wealth.

(Longevity)Bless the family with good fortune, success and longevity. May them keep safe and healthy ever since.

(Good luck) Endless good luck and great surprise follows the family.

(Benevolence)Obtaining respect from the neighbors and building good relationship in the neighbourhood..

(Talent) People in this house are blessed with talents.

(Career)Happiness always surrounds the family and and the host thrives in their career.

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Congratulation Greetings for Joining a House Warming Dinner

The guests invited to a house warming dinner are close relatives and friends to the host. Because dinner will be served at home, the host can only invite those important to him due to the limited space. For the guests, being invited to witness the event of house move is such an honor. People say hello to greet usually, but when you join a house warming party you greet the host with congratulation words before you get in. Let’s just keep the congratulation greeting concise and clear, so when you say it you could say out loud and fluently without making mistakes. Below short phrases are recommended congratulation greetings:

Home sweet home! This house is perfect for you!

May you and your family be safe and realize your dreams.

Congratulations on the house move! May good fortune guides your way.

Here the wonderful life starts, god bless you and your family.

Wish you lots of love and happiness in your new home.

Bless you with prosperity and fertility and lots of achievements in your career.

Gift Card Wordings for House Warming

We usually place a gift card in gifts and write our sincere wishes on it. The gift card also tells people who sent the gift. There is a chance that you suddenly get urgent tasks and cannot attend the house warming dinner, or you just find it awkward to attend a house warming dinner of your colleagues, superiors, or clients. In this case, you can order gifts online conveniently and have them delivered to the address. Although you can not congratulate on the house move by yourself, you still manage to send your sincere regards. It depends on the purpose of the gift and the privacy of the message whether to use a greeting board or a folding card. Let’s say when you send a business fruit basket or flower basket to celebrate the opening of a company or a store, a standing greeting board is obvious and joyful with all the congratulation message and information shown in the front, the common size of a greeting board is either A5 or A4. However, you can’t read the message on a folding card until you open the gift, it protects privacy. If you intend to write intimate words, or if you send a valuable gift and would not want everyone else to know, you’d better choose a folding card. Here are some gift card wordings for house warming that you may refer to:

Congratulations on moving in the new house, everything is arranged so well, I’m truly happy for you.

Here’s the beginning of new amazing memory in the new place, may wealth keep rolling in your house ever since.

Happy moving in! May happiness, health and longevity be with you all and may  the house be filled with warmth and laughter.

Wish you a wonderful life in the new house. Hope that you have endless great surprise and excitement.

You’ve got the keys! I am so happy to see you move into your dream home. Wishing you and your sweet family happiness, fulfillment, health and safety.

Congratulations on the big house move, hope it brings great energy and good fortune to you. May prosperity, wealth and great success be with you and your family. What a beautiful home and lovely family.

Give Gift Boutique Gift Selection for House Warming Party

Picnic Gift Hamper

When you join a house warming party, bringing gifts with bigger size may leave a sincere impression. Eight kinds of items are included in this western countryside style dessert hamper, giving a generous and abundant look. We select fresh pastries of popular and trendy brands and three top-brand imported desserts as well as candy, jam and wine. This hamper is overloaded with sweet blessings for life. The host can treat guests with delicious pastries and upcycled the basket later as a container. Popular brand pastries sells out so soon, kindly reserve for them in advance.

It’s important never to show up at a party empty-handed. But how to tailor your gift to the affair that you attend can be exhausting. Here comes Give Gift Boutique Party and New Home catalogue, tailoring gifts for house warming parties both Chinese and western style. Our various gift categories include: boutique decorations, imported delicacy, cake & desserts, luxury dried seafood, spa and body care set, bouquet & potted plants and fresh fruit hampers. With delicate package design and thoughtful combination, our gift will always surprise you. Order online now and we can deliver to residence in 18 districts in HK. Feel free to contact us for more details on house warming gifts and party gifts.

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