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Filler Flowers for Grand Opening Stands

Filler Flowers for Grand Opening Stands

by Water
posted: 2020-09-28 17:00:00 +0800

Generally speaking, when we purchase a grand opening flower basket, we pay a great amount of attention to the main flowers, however, do you ever notice the filler flowers in flower stand? Although bouquet fillers normally serve as finishing touch, they are essential to the overall style. Without them, the flower stands might not be so eye-catching and gorgeous. This time, Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique Flower Shop will introduce to you ten unique filler flowers/greenery for grand opening stands.


Monstera, also known as pineapple banana, ceriman and  window plant.  It originates in Mexico and symbolizes health and longevity. Ceriman has large leaves and can hold a very good structure in grand opening flowers, filling flower mud and so on.

Curly Willow

Because its branches are curved like a dragon, it is named curly willow.  Salix matsudana is a linear leaf, with a particularly obvious linear state, and it is very coordinated when matched with other flowers, which demonstrate a wider focus. In addition, it has the meaning of “a turning point at difficult times”. Therefore, it is an excellent material for embellishments or special shapes, and it is the commonly seen filler flower in grand opening florist baskets.

Commercial florist stand MD48

Green Authurium

Green Authurium is a plant of Anthurium Schott, native to southwestern Colombia. its Greek name means flower with a tail. The emerald green Authuriums are elegant in color, and have the flower language of flourishing and prosperous. Because of its good meaning, it is often used in grand opening flower stands.

Asparagus Leaves

Asparagus means ‘gracious bamboo’. It is not bamboo, but it looks like bamboo in appearance and it is elegant in style , so it is called asparagus fern. It also has other names. Asparagus is used in  grand opening flower stands to form the overall structure and help to add vitality and enthusiasm to the flower basket.


It is also called flamingo and anthurium andraeanum linden, indigenous to tropical American rain forest. Flamingo is an odd-shaped flower, with a peculiar flower shape, and has a  floriography of the grand ambition. Hence, when used in grand opening flowers, it not only means well, but also brings people a novel visual experience.


It is actually orchid, also known as cattleya. Orchid is also the national flower of Singapore. Its overall appearance is in the shape of a strip or line extending upwards, which usually acts as a starting point in opening florist baskets.

Business Flower Stand N1B

Sea Lavender

Another name for sea lavender is crystal grass.  The flower is pentagonal when it blooms, the petals are very thin, sparkling and crystal clear with a light fragrance. Its ornamental value is very high, so it is a common choice for making grand opening flower stands.


Silvatica is small and graceful, and its color is infinitely reminiscent. It is a loose flower, which is composed of small flowers or small leaves. When used in grand opening stands, inserted them nicely between flowers to fill the gaps, the forget-me-not play a role of accessory and finishing touch which improve the beauty of the flowers bouquet.


It is native to Australia. Its varieties diverse, including round leaves, thin leaves and so on. Eucdyptus is a filler flower with personality. The color of leaves is gray-blue and it looks high-graded, on the surface there’s a thin layer of white powder which is kind of cool. Its leaves are plump and its stems are slender, so no matter how your place it, it creates a beautiful landscape, therefore it is often seen in opening florist baskets.