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Fresh Flower Bouquets for Your Significant other

Fresh Flower Bouquets for Your Significant other

posted: 2022-03-04 14:10:00 +0800

Love is always related to a sense of ritual. And the essential thing to create such a romantic atmosphere is flower, since the colors, texture and language of flowers enable them to express various emotions on different occasions.

- Confession

When you meet someone special, don’t hesitate to confess your feelings! As the symbol of love, rose can surely speak for you when you are at a loss in front of him/her. Also, a bouquet of roses shows your sincerity and taste, which will bright up your confession. To this day, red rose is still a universal symbol of love and a bouquet of red roses means passion and desire. Pink roses symbolize grace, elegance and perfection and they will evoke brightness and happiness for the recipient. With mysterious fascination, purple roses are often associated with royalty and splendor so they are perfect to send for a happy occasion or celebration as a symbol of loyalty, eternity, and precious love and to make the receiver feel particularly special.

- Dating

A date is an opportunity for a couple to know each other better and exchange feelings and a beautiful bouquet shows that you do care about this relationship. Note that a small and delicate bouquet of flowers is a nice choice as it won’t be cumbersome when your date plan involves shopping.

Flowers in a box may surprise your lover and show how much thoughtful you are. Box flowers are much easier to be looked after as there are floral foams in the box, which means spending a lot of time changing water won’t be necessary. As a wonderful decoration on desks in the office or tables at home, these flowers will stay with him/her day by day.

red rose box flower

- Birthday

Every birthday matters! To plan a lively and dynamic birthday dinner, a bouquet with various flower means an amazing life and will certainly make the recipient brighten up.
This bouquet is made of pink and light purple flowers to create a romantic and sweet atmosphere. As a symbol of happiness, hydrangeas are usually seen in garden landscapes with a large range of colors and remind people of teenage girls in aquarelles.

For those graceful ladies, flowers in light colors may be more suitable to contain your feelings about her. In the hands of our experienced florists, pittosporum, white rose and pink rose with different shapes and textures are made into a romantic and elegant bouquet.

- Propose

Dressing up as good as possible and getting down on one knee might be in every man’s mind for at least one time. When you are planning to propose with flowers as an important part, the first task for you is find the perfect flower bouquet for this grand romantic occasion. A bouquet of red roses is the most classic choice for all time and the numbers of roses have different meanings. For example, 99 roses mean “eternal love”, 101 roses mean “You are the one” and 365 roses mean “Day by day I love you more”.

France style bouquet of 99 red roses

- Anniversaries

First date, first holding hands, 100 days, 1000 days, wedding day... There are so many special days on the calendar just because of love. And flowers are always there for important moments. With remarkable uniqueness, the calla lily meaning is purity, holiness, and faithfulness and they are often used to symbolize gratitude as well.

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- Apology

We’ve all said or done something wrong in our lives more than once or twice and it happens to couples too. Sometimes the best way to show that you’re sorry for what happened with your significant other is a bunch of flowers. As a symbol of innocence and friendship, yellow rose is an ideal option when you are going to apologize for your mistake and the color yellow also represents joy and happiness.

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