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Stress Relief SeriesⅢ·Housewives

Stress Relief SeriesⅢ·Housewives

by Julie
posted: 2018-10-08 17:00:00 +0800

“6am: Get up and look after the kid; 7am: Cook breakfast for the husband; 8am: See the husband off work and continue to take care of the children; 9am: Wash dishes and clothes; 12’o clock: prepare lunch; In the afternoon: do other housework and go on playing with the children; In the evening: buy and cook dinner for the whole family. The same routine work everyday makes me extremely tired and super stressful.”

——Everybody feels stress at one time or another. Full-time housewives are not as relaxed as people thought or living a stress-free life that people feel jealous about. This group of mothers and wives has irregular “working hours” and do repetitive work every day, they often lack of sleep and have no time to do sports; even worse, their family members don’t understand the challenges they face and thus make these housewives lost their self worth. How do full time housewives reduce pressure and enjoy more of their work?

1. Find time to “be yourself”

Many professional homemakers lost themselves in the journey of long-term childcare on their own, they lost their interest and stop doing what they like, it seems as though they live only for their children. In fact, full-time mothers can still do things they like when the kids are asleep or watching cartoons, for example, housewives can read books, play the piano, artwork painting, do handcraft or learn a new language at those free time. By doing so, mothers can get away from the busy work and enjoy themselves for a while, and later they gain more energy and feel more positive in taking care of the children and the whole family. Apart from that, housewives can enjoy a relaxing spa bath after the baby fall asleep, to wash away the tiredness and sleep better at night.

2. Don’t expect perfection in all things

Different from professional working ladies, there’re no set standards for housewives for what they do, how they do it and when to finish, all the things are done with their personal standards. Hence, if a full-time housewife doesn’t know her limits or health conditions and set herself a high standard to finish everything perfectly, she will end up disappointing herself and have depression; worse still, seeking perfection from family members can harm the family relationship. Tips for housewives: try to adjust the thinking, focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot do, and then complete the things with reasonable goals.

3. Seek husband’s help

Full time housewives play an important role in the family, as they are in charge of all the housework and chaos in the house, including child caring, cleaning, cooking and so on. Sometimes when they face difficulties or challenges, they don’t know who to ask for help; sometimes they may even hear complaints from husbands after a whole day’s hard work. As a full time mother, it’s best to get your husband involved in the activities of child care and ask him to do some simple tasks like helping with the baby’s meal, sleep and bath. By doing so, the husband can cultivate a close bond with the children; the wife can get some rest and will be grateful for the husband’s support and thus lead to closer relationship between the couple.

What can friends and family do for the housewives?

• Communicate, sharing, help, encourage

Full time housewives basically stay at home all day long and most of the time they see their children and seldom have opportunity to chat with others. Friends and relatives can take time to talk with them, share some interesting things with them in order to make their lives more exciting; husbands can be more cautious about the family problems their wives face and offer them help from time to time. For instance, husbands make time to look after the children and play with them; also, husbands love and care about their wives and show recognition and appreciation to them and make them feel good about their work; last but not least, both husband and wife should communication and work together about the children education. As a result, wives can minimize their stress and feel more positive as housewives.

• Send the housewives Give Gift Boutique spa relax gift hamper

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, including the housewives who are busy with housework. Although they didn’t mention it, deep down in their heart they really hope that someone will understand them and help them. Family and friends might not be very helpful regarding the chaos, but they could show encouragement from another angle, that is, to send the full-time housewives a relaxation spa gift basket that can motivate them to continue doing the good job.

In order to help full-time mothers to be themselves again, we can send them a relaxing gift with plants. Growing plants can help housewives cultivate their own interest and relieve their stress.

After the baby fall asleep, mothers can enjoy a private time belong to herself. To send them an energizing gift set with soap, shampoo and body care gift will give them a chance to have a relaxing bath experience.

Full-time housewives prepare meals for their families. Sending a relax gift hamper to reward them for their hard work will make them very happy. These gifts include honey, dessert, teabag and aromatherapy diffuser. If you add a handmade thank you card with loving words to the gift set, the mothers are sure to be touched and feel good about your thoughtfulness.

Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique Florist n Gift shop not only follows the latest gift trends and sources various delicate gifts from around the world, it also helps customers send gifts in different occasions. The comfort, relax, energize, style gift hamper collection is a brand new gift collection in GGB; we exclusively selected the relax gifts from the UK, Japan, Australia, USA and Italy, they are nicely wrapped in the natural wooden gift box and rattan basket in order to reflect the relaxing feeling and help the gift recipients cope with stress and improve their quality of life.


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