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Guangzhou gift giving guides of the imported wine

Guangzhou gift giving guides of the imported wine

by Julie
posted: 2018-07-09 15:00:00 +0800

Alcoholic beverage has long been an indispensable "guest" for the Chinese banquets; compare to the wide range of alcoholic drink and wine selection in modern society, the varieties of wine are relatively limited in the old days. In Guangzhou, China, the imported wine consumption increases gradually and overtakes the market of traditional white wine and beer. According to some reports, Canton's imported wine domestic sales breakthrough year by year. The sales of imported wine in Guangzhou have improved significantly compared to the past. What is the reason for this?

NO. 1. The Advantages of Importing Wine to Guangzhou.

Hong Kong is a free port and does not levy any Customs tariff on imports and exports. Because Guangzhou is very close to Hong Kong, it benefits from the advantage of importing duty free wines and gets a good price of imported alcoholic drink. It is much cheaper to import wine from Hong Kong than deal with the foreign wine distributors because of the expensive international freight cost. This is definitely a win-win situation.

NO. 2. The Wine Selection Culture in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou (Canton) is well known for its food and flowers but is never recognized as a city of wine drinking. However, Cantonese have the characteristic of enthusiastic and open-minded; easy to make friends and willing to try new things, which give them the willing spirit to try the unfamiliar imported wine. Unlike some professional wine-making cities, Guangzhou is not famous for producing wine, so this is another reason why Guangzhou people take the initiative to try more foreign wines.

If you become friends or business partners with a Cantonese, you are sure to be invited to enjoy the traditional Cantonese cuisine at least once. At this particular occasion, it would be nice to bring a bottle of wine as a gift to the host as it’s an extra bonus to the delicious dishes and additional joy to the guests.

What kind of wine is the best gift to send to people in Guangzhou?

General speaking, different groups of people have different gifting requirements. If you are to send corporate business gifts, we recommend you to try white/red wine or spirit/liquor as these kinds of alcoholic drinks are formal and decent gifts to the recipients. On the other hand, if it’s the gift for friends, sparkling wine will be a good surprise. The combination of flower aroma and fruity flavor upgrade the taste of the refreshing sparkling- we believe it will bring you or your gift recipients a brand-new wine tasting experience.

Where can we buy the imported wine in Guangzhou?

If you want to buy genuine fine wine with nice packaging, you may choose from our Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique Flower Gift Shop. Thanks to the unique culture, policy and geographical location of Hong Kong, we can provide customers with more wine gift selections; what’s more, we opened our branch store located in Guangzhou, China a few years ago, and this ensures our clients from mainland China to buy the same high quality products as in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique has a Flower and Wine Gift Series that include wine of different grades, brands, years and wineries; this wide range of wine collection is sure to meet different needs of customers.

Top 5 wine gifts recommended by Guangzhou Give Gift Boutique Flower and Gift Shop:

NO. 1 Wine Gifts RecommendationChateau Ducru-Beaucaillou 2000

Gifts recommendation:★★★★★

Wine Gift Guide:Located in one of the most important wine areas in Bordeaux, France. This wine is from Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou which origins from the 18 century. The RP point is 95. The blend consists of 30% Merlot and 70% Cabernet Sauvignon. The purple violet color wine brings out the fantastic aroma of fruit and slight floral note. This red wine is suitable for any occasion; it is a lovely gift to bring to the banquet party. Red wine is rich in organic substances, so drinking wine in moderation will have some health benefits.

NO. 2 Wine Gifts RecommendationMartell VSOP

Gifts recommendation:★★★★

Wine Gift Guide:Martell is the oldest and most famous brandy in the world. The Martell distillery is adopting the wines from the four major Cognac grape producing regions in France, so it has a sweet and warm taste and is suitable for adding pure ice or brewing cocktails. A glass of Martell ice wine in the business negotiation can lower your tension and stress.

NO. 3 Wine Gifts Recommendation: Remy Martin VSOP

Gifts recommendation:★★★★★

Wine Gift Guide:Remy Martin distillery is one of the French wineries that has a long history. In the 1980s, Remy Martin launched a unique texture wine bottle that later became its signature icon and gained popularity among wine tasters around the world. The Remy Martin VSOP is a gift of good value and good taste, suitable for different gift recipients.

NO. 4 Wine Gifts Recommendation: Marina Espumante Rosado

Gifts recommendation:★★★★★

Wine Gift Guide:This sparkling is made from 100% Monastrell, shows a successive pink bubbles background; performs the nose of freshness by cherries, rose petals and red berries. The sweetness of own grape is well-combined with candied fruits and mineral tastes. Tapas, rice, fish, shellfish, white meats, fruits, pastries, and sushi are the best food matching. It is very suitable as gifts for men to send to ladies and also as gifts for friend’s gathering.

NO. 5 Wine Gifts Recommendation:Paul Jaboulet Cotes du Rhone Parallele 45

Gifts recommendation:★★★★

Wine Gift Guide:Paul Jaboulet Cotes du Rhone Parallele 45 blends of Bourboulenc, Marsanne, Viognier and Grenache blanc. It has pleasant and distinctive smell with flavor of white flowers and citrus fruit. The best tasting temperature is 10°-14°.

For more gift giving guides about fresh flower boutique and gourmet gift hampers, please visit our GGB website.

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