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Harrods- Where You Can Find the Fantastic Gifts

Harrods- Where You Can Find the Fantastic Gifts

posted: 2019-02-21 14:50:00 +0800

When I was a kid I remember watching the Disney film Aladdin, I clearly remember one scene of Aladdin searching for the Genie's Lamp, as he went hunting through each of the caves he saw wonder upon wonder, piles of gold treasures, gems, ancient art he even picked up a flying carpet. He didn’t get distracted by any of these exciting treasures but stayed focused and found the lamp. This week I have been visiting Harrods to search out some new gifting ideas to bring to our customers at Give Gift Boutique, it is very much an Aladdin's Cave, and I am most definitely NOT ALADDIN, I’ve been distracted by pretty much everything, so much so I am now sat in one of Harrods Fine Tea Shops sampling their delights while writing this blog. HARRODS IS STUNNING!


Harrods is a shopper's paradise. 7 floors of nearly 330 different departments the size of nearly 4 football pitches, they sell EVERYTHING! The first time you visit can be extremely overwhelming, the bustle of the international crowds shouting to their friends about a beautiful item they found, the powerful scents emanating from the perfume hall, the decadent luxury of the boutique shops and hunger inducing food halls fit for royalty. Here at Give Gift Boutique we obviously are fascinated by all things gifts and flowers and Harrods doesn't disappoint. Shopping today for gifts to add to our diverse collection we came across some fantastic new items which we are sure all our customers will love.


My favourite part of the whole store is of course the food hall! Even sat upstairs now in one of their tea shops the mention of it makes me want to rush there and eat as many samples as I can. They sell some truly scrumptious foods, imported coffee and tea from every corner of the globe, exquisite biscuits, cakes and desserts and a seafood selection that would make Hong Kong’s most experienced connoisseur salivate. Walking the food halls and gazing at everyone's luxurious lunch is one of life's true pleasures! Every time I visit I get a unique reminder of the high class clientele that Harrods attracts. One recent visit I was purchasing a few items for gifts and noticed a perfectly dressed women march into the food hall, sunglasses on (despite it being dark with no windows inside) her own staff rushing to keep up and pander to her every need. She arrived, removed her glasses and surveyed the scene, gesturing to one of her assistant whispered something to her and pointed at a stack of Kenyan Coffee, £58 each (about 580HKD) The assistant rushed up to a very calm Harrods Assistant and said in the best Queens English I have ever heard, “Me’ Lady Requires that coffee” “How many would she like madam?” “ALL OF THEM… NOW!” The staff rushed to work and cleared the entire display, gift wrapped it as fast as they could and presented the rich womans with the bill, she ignored the staff member gestured to her own staff and the money was settled. She sighed and without saying a word glared at the people around and gestured for them to follow, she left Harrods with around 100 full bags and marched to the exit where her Royles Royce was loaded and they sped off. And there was me worrying about spending too much on my £10(100HKD) gift biscuit collection. Harrods clientele truly come from all corners of society.

How Can You Experience The Luxury of Harrods?

The best way is of course to visit yourself! If you find yourself in London simply call ahead and you can land your helicopter on their rooftop helipad! If your pilot is currently on holiday not to worry your driver can simply drop you in the Bentley to the private entrance and park in the private garage. If however you had to make your own breakfast this morning and arrived in London without a private jet you can hop on the piccadilly line to Knightsbridge tube station and follow the signs to Harrods.

At Give Gift Boutique we have an even easier way for you to experience the luxury of Harrods, we sell a special selection of Harrods products that can be found in our gift hampers, we stock cute teddy bears which are perfect gifts for graduations along with tea coffee and biscuit hampers to give you that luxurious British feel. Whatever part of Harrods you want to experience we can help you at Give Gift Boutique simply speak to our staff here in Hong Kong and they can help you organise the perfect Harrods Hamper.

As for me my Afternoon Tea has nearly finished and i’m gonna sneak back to the food hall for some extra little treats. Better head off afterwards, I think Jeeves has warmed up the helicopter...

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Harrods- Where You Can Find the Fantastic Gifts' blogpost.
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Charlie, Editor

Our resident traveller! Charlie spends his time hunting the world for some of our newest gift ideas and enjoys traveling while doing it!     > more...

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