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Kris Kringle: Rules and Ideas

Kris Kringle: Rules and Ideas

posted: 2021-11-23 15:00:00 +0800

At the end of the year, people exchange gifts with family, friends and colleagues. Kris Kringle, aka Secret Santa, is a western Christmas custom that began in 1948 and remains globally popular. Everyone draws a piece of paper written with a name that is the one to whom they must give a gift anonymously within budget. Some people may send gifts every week since the first week of December to surprise the recipients and leave more clues. No matter if you are going to do a Kris Kringle Gifting, finding a mindful and caring gift on a budget is quite a headache. Unwanted senseless things will just find their way into the rubbish pile soon after Christmas is over. Here are some options for you that will definitely avoid ending up in landfill.

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Exchange gifts under under $500 HKD

Christmas Gift Set

- Champagne/Brandy

A bottle of fine drink is the choice that will never go wrong. Moët & Chandon is the highest-selling champagne and the symbol of champagne while PERRIER-JOUËT is also a prestigious and classic sparkling wine. And we can always find the best occasion to enjoy brandies at the end of the year, such as Hennessy, Martell and Rémy Martin.

- Preserved Flower (Bouquets/Box Flower)

It’s a pity that flower has a limited time of blooming. With advanced technology, preserved flowers are able to stay beautiful for at least 3 years and they are perfect to those who are allergic to pollen cause they have none.

- Ceramic/Crystal Decor

Desktop decors are one of the most popular gifts for a long time. Various materials and styles give these ingenious knickknacks infinite possibilities and the co-branded limited editions are of great collection value too. No matter on anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or for business congratulations, housewarming, there is always a tasteful knickknack that can impress your recipient.

Exchange gifts under under $1000 HKD

- Imported Fruit Basket

Japanese Shine Muscat Grapes, Japanese Aomori Apple, Korean melon, Kirin fruit... They are sweet, delicious, nutritious and matched excellently with precious food such as abalone, bird's nest, American ginseng and fish maw, which are perfect for the whole family to enjoy together.

- Phalaenopsis

Orchid is called the “Four Gentlemen” with plum, bamboo and chrysanthemum in China. As a symbol of elegance, phalaenopsis shows the owner’s wonderful taste in the office or at home.


- Fine Wine

The high-quality red wine from France is a classic choice for most gift-giving occasions with a wide range of price and quality.

- Skin Care Sets

It is that time of year when skin starts to become dry. Choose a high-end skin care set to surprise your friend or business partner and show that you are attentive, considerate and thoughtful.

Exchange gifts under under $2000 HKD

- Premium Gift Hamper