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Special Gifts for Your Work From Home Employees and Friends

Special Gifts for Your Work From Home Employees and Friends

posted: 2022-03-18 11:20:00 +0800

During the pandemic, “Work From Home” is adopted by many companies in Hong Kong and the lack of social activities leads to negative feelings and stress, which can cause bad emotions like anger, upset, and insomnia. Let’s order some thoughtful gifts for the significant other, family, friends, employees, and business partners to support each other in the darkest days.

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Pandemic Care Sets

As the pandemic continues to spread, epidemic prevention products are one of the most popular gifts. However, it’s of the utmost importance to choose them quality assured and CE accredited COVID-19 rapid antigen detection kit is an ideal and trusted product to ensure your safety at home.

Give Gift Boutique launched Work From Home Pandemic Care Sets, including CE accredited COVID-19 rapid antigen detection kits, Korea KF94 single masks, sanitizer hand soaps, and advanced hand sanitizers to protect you from germs and microorganisms. Various fresh fruits and imported organic juice are also included and perfect to supplement vitamins.

Recently, GGB has been commissioned by companies to design Virus Protection & Antigen Rapid Test Gifts to encourage their employees. We provide COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Detection Kits in original boxes with fast shipping and delivery in Hong Kong as well, which are able to detect Omicron and Delta variants.

WFH Virus Protect & Antigen Rapid Test Gift Box

Stress-Relieving Gifts

The virus not only changes the way we work and live but also leads to stress from all sides and the risk should not be neglected. Too much stress can cause bad emotions and compromise sleep quality and do harm to our body with headaches, forgetfulness, and elevated blood pressure. What’s more, in the absence of social activities, outdoor exercise, and travel, people are more likely to keep in a negative mood. So it’s important to have effective stress relievers that help us recover from the everyday challenges.

GGB searches for high-quality relaxation, comfort, and lifestyle products from over the world, including dream time instant tea, nourishing food, fragrance candles, and body care sets, which will ensure you a sound sleep and a fresh morning.


Flowers are always the safest choice on any occasion as blooming flowers give people energy and hope. And except for classic flower bouquets, box flowers are also very welcomed, because they are wonderful decorations on desks in the office or tables at home, which are easier to be looked after too.