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The Best Gifts for Chinese New Year

The Best Gifts for Chinese New Year

posted: 2019-01-28 10:40:00 +0800

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and if you’re in Hong Kong you know that this is one of the biggest festivities of year. Red décor and tangerine trees can be seen in every business, home and school and gift giving takes place over the entirely of the fifteen-day celebration. Gift giving items, often traditional, include lai see packets with money, fruits baskets and hampers, dried seafood and delicacies, sweets, nuts and more. Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong has just what you need for Chinese New Year gifts whether it’s for your family and friends or employee and associates.

Chinese New Flower Arrangements

Flower Shop Plants - Narcissus Tazetta Planter A1 - CF20125A2 Photo

Homes and businesses are not complete without flowers during Chinese New Year. Flowers are a significant part of Chinese New Year as flower blossoms are believed to bring good fortune as they signify new life after a long winter. Flowers red in colour and some particular types of flowers are especially popular during Chinese New Year for their symbolism and meaning. Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong’s Chinese New Year flower arrangements include a variety of these auspicious flowers:

  • Orchids – fertility and abundance
  • Chrysanthemums – perfection, optimism, and joy
  • Peach Blossoms – romance, prosperity, and growth
  • Plum Blossoms – perseverance, reliability, and courage
  • Peonies – beauty, affection, and innocence
  • Pussy Willow – growth and fortune
  • Narcissus – good fortune and prosperity
  • Tangerine trees – well-wishes, prosperity

Flower Shop Plants - New year citrus plant NY02 - 0TT0125A2 Photo

Chinese New Year Fruit Hampers

Fruit, like flowers, is another essential item that is gifted, eaten, and used as décor during Chinese New Year. Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong’s fruit baskets come with an abundance of fruit selections that include some of the most popular and lucky fruits of the season:

Fruit Basket - fruit basket G21 - L76602189 Photo

  • Oranges – abundance and happiness
  • Pomelo – good luck and family unity
  • Grapes – fertility, abundance, and wealth
  • Apples – good luck and wealth
  • Pineapple – wealth and prosperity

Chinese New Year Dried Seafood Hamper

CNY Gift Hamper - CNY Gift Hamper R81 - L36509837 Photo

Food, and especially seafood, go hand in hand with Chinese New Year. A variety of seafood delicacies are eaten and shared, like abalone and sea cucumber which are often eaten together, while fat choi and oysters are also served together. Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong carries a wide-variety of high-quality dried goods that make exceptional gifts for family and business associates.

  • Abalone – good fortune
  • Fat Choi – wealth
  • Oysters – good luck
  • Sea cucumber – new life/birth
  • Clams/ Scallops – wealth, new horizons or beginnings

Chinese New Year Hampers

CNY Gift Hamper - CNY Gift Hamper R86 - L36510272 Photo

Not sure what to choose? If you’re looking for an easy way to cover all your gift-giving basics during Chinese New Year, hampers are a great way to encompass some of the gift-giving traditions. Hampers often include a mix of fruit, dried seafood, sweets, chocolate, and wine. Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong have Chinese New Year hampers that come in all sizes and prices to suit any of your gift-giving needs.


Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong has been providing New Years hampers and delivery, online flower delivery, same day flower delivery and rush flower delivery in Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangzhou for both Western and Chinese clients since 2008. For questions, orders, and requests please contact us!

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