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The Ultimate Guide to Orchid Gifting

The Ultimate Guide to Orchid Gifting

posted: 2021-10-28 16:00:00 +0800

Scroll further down till you cannot see the title of this article. Do you know what flower under the flowering plant's category has the largest family? Correct, it’s Orchid! Orchid has been widely referred to be the narcissist among flowers in ancient times and is continually receiving love from the crowd as one of the most picked home plants nowadays. According to experts, there are around 20,000 species of orchids currently. While we do not know how many orchid species are still yet to be discovered, this figure is already pretty amazing. Not feeling it as a great number? Then consider that the amount of known mammals on earth is just around 5,000. The elegance and the floral scent of orchid are no doubt reasons that people fell head over the toe for these flowers, but there are more than that!

The floriography of Orchid

If you flip through a few classic Chinese pieces of literature, It is easy to find traces of orchids. Confucius declared orchid as the scent of the king, while a few other famous poets praised orchid as a Nobel narcissist and made metaphors with orchids from time to time. These flowers have been the synonym of morals and fortune. In the western world, orchid also carries the meaning of friendship, passion, and confidence in the language of floriography.

Grand Opening Orchids

The best occasion to gift Orchid

Given that orchid has such a good reputation from then to now, it is no doubt one of the best flower choices when you are considering getting a flower gift for family or friends. Not only are orchids elegant in the outside and meaningful in the inside, but it is also a relatively gender-neutral flower which even makes a perfect gift to men!

When it is Lunar New Year, gifting orchids means sending your receiver the blessing of good fortune in terms of career development and money. It also delivers the message of wellbeing and good health.

Gifting orchids during birthdays is praising your receiver as noble and elegant. It also sends the message that you wish one stay true and pure in heart forever.

Openings of all kinds are also a good occasion to send someone orchids. The flower itself represents joyous, good money fortune and wishing your receiver all the best.

Species of Orchids

Given that orchid is a big great family, the appearance and the color of orchids have a great variety that you will never get bored of! We have selected several orchid gifts to fit your gift-giving occasion, plus a little look at different species of orchids!

Dtps. Leopard Prince.

The single stem of purplish orchid got the spotlight all by himself. Simple yet elegant, this orchid gift is perfect for being a desk decoration.

Orchids z1 (Phalaenopsis).


With a vivid appearance that looks similar to a butterfly, this phalaenopsis in a pastel tone is both sweet and elegant at the same time. The floral arrangement is artistic yet kept the essence of minimalism. A great gift for friends.

Orchid Ikebana x6.

This species has a relatively smaller flower, therefore putting 6 of these purplish-red stems together delivers a joyous and cheerful atmosphere. An ideal gift to send to your loved ones during Lunar New Year or any event openings!

Father’s Day Green Plant P5b.

Different from the common purplish-red petals, the orchid in this flower arrangement is in a refreshing pale green color! Along with china roots and mosaic plants, this plant gift for dad speaks for good health and longevity.

Orchid Delight x3 (Dendrobium Orchid).

Yellow orchids carry the meaning of good money fortune, making this arrangement of 3 stems of yellow dendrobium orchids the perfect choice on any business occasion.

We might not be able to deliver the fullest picture that points out all the charms of the lovely orchid. Yet, orchids will make a great gift to anyone on any occasion, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a meaningful gift!

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