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Unique and Hilarious Mooncake Gift Boxes

Unique and Hilarious Mooncake Gift Boxes

posted: 2021-08-04 09:00:00 +0800

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and everyone secretly wants to receive mooncakes, but we are tired of receiving too many typically boring mooncakes. However, for mooncakes that are too novel, they must be tasty enough to win the hearts of most people. Therefore, our gift product designers who have over 10 ten years of experience, after sampling various mooncake products, recommend this year’s exquisite Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake gift boxes to impress your recipients, they are delicious and captivating and they will capture your taste buds your heart.

┃Mooncake Gift Boxes of Reign

Reign Truffle Egg Lava African Abalone mooncakes

The mooncakes of Reign are crafted by Swiss Michelin-starred Chef Jean-Marc Soldati. Reign continues to surprise the connoisseurs’ appetites with interesting ingredients to make more attractive flavors of traditional moon cakes while insisting on making mooncakes in traditional manual kneading and baking ways, without adding preservatives and launched Truffle Egg Lava Custard Mini mooncakes and South African Abalone Egg Custard Mini Mooncakes.

Truffle Egg Lava Custard Mini Mooncakes

In the newly launched truffle egg lava custard mini mooncake, the fine and rich egg lava custard is infused with fresh truffle and truffle sauce, therefore it has the unique aroma of truffles. The truffles are said to come from Umbria, Italy, which is famous for producing high-quality truffles.

South African Abalone Egg Custard Mini Mooncakes

In the gorgeously golden crispy skin, there is a creamy custard and salted egg filling, and slow-cooked South African abalone cubes, making it chewy and mouthwatering. It has a rich taste that you should try!

For those confused by which to choose, gift boxes are containing these two mooncakes. Each piece of mooncake is individually packaged in a circular tin printed with Monet’s masterpieces, and the packagings of the gift boxes are exquisite. They are opulent gifts that will delight your recipients! The mooncake gift boxes will be available on Give Gift Boutique's online store from September 2 this year.

┃Mooncake Gift Boxes of Van Gogh SENSES

Van Gogh SENSES Luxury Mooncake 3D Gift Set - Starry Night

Van Gogh SENSES is the world's first art-themed gift store with an exclusive license from Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It strives to bring Van Gogh's art into everyday life through the senses, and it combines Van Gogh's stories and paintings into its product concepts and designs to present the world of aesthetics.

There are two custard mooncake gift boxes ideal for this Mid-Autumn Festival, both exquisitely packaged, making the mooncake products more "aesthetic". The Luxury Mooncake 3D Gift Set - Starry Night attached a deck of a playing card which is printed by anaglyphic 3D technique, You can use 3D glasses attached in the gift box to enter the amazing world of the masterpieces in the deck of the playing card.

These two gift boxes are not only fascinating but also tasty. The fragrant and creamy custard is filled in its crispy skin. What's more, the packagings of them are as fascinating as artistic works. They are pleasing gifts to attract your recipients.

┃The Mooncake Gift Boxes of Peninsula