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Wedding Anniversaries and Flowers

Wedding Anniversaries and Flowers

posted: 2020-07-06 17:30:00 +0800

Ever since medieval times people have celebrated their wedding anniversaries. This started with husbands giving their wives wreaths after 25 or 50 years of marriage, which have subsequently become known as ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ wedding anniversaries. In Victorian times these were embellished with other gifts, and beautiful flowers.

anniversaries flower

Why flowers?

Humans have a natural affinity with flowers, studies have shown that seeing and receiving flowers greatly enhances our happiness. While often when receiving gifts we try to smile even when we don’t really like what we’ve been given, scientists found that almost everyone studied gave in to a natural ‘Duchenne smile’ when receiving flowers – a sign of genuine happiness. Perhaps contrary to popular belief, the results for men and women were the same. Clearly flowers are a gift that everyone welcomes. But there is another aspect of giving flowers that we want to consider in this article, one that will make any wedding anniversary so much more special.

Flowers Transmit Emotions

Think of a few major emotions and qualities: love, sorrow, passion. In many of our minds emotions are inextricably linked to flowers, popular examples being red roses, white lilies, yellow irises being symbols of true love, purity and sorrow and passion respectively. While not everyone is an expert on the symbolism behind each flower, or will be offended if you misjudge it, your choice of flower can communicate your emotions in a way that words simply cannot. Many of us that struggle to express our emotions or say the all important “I love you” or “I’m sorry” find that flowers convey these sentiments in a way that never fails to touch the emotions of the recipient.

Why go the extra mile for wedding anniversaries?

Many people spend tens of thousands of pounds (or dollars) on their weddings but can neglect (or even forget) their wedding anniversaries. While celebrations are a matter of personal choice, this is a bit like buying a beautiful house and failing to carry out the maintenance and decoration that makes it truly a home. Here are a few good reasons to celebrate your wedding anniversary:
●    It shows that marriage is a priority in your life. Most of our time is spent on work and other responsibilities, and if you have children that can be particularly demanding. Given those demands, the relationship with our spouse may become slightly neglected. Spending a little time and money every year on your spouse shows that you truly value them and your marriage.
●    It shows gratitude. You and your spouse are a team, and no doubt you both work hard to create a wonderful family environment and that often includes a number of menial tasks and chores. Every year, take this opportunity to show that you truly appreciate everything your spouse does. We all know how motivating it is when you feel genuinely appreciated, and in a world full of challenges, gratitude and appreciation will help you get through whatever life brings.
●    Each year is a genuine achievement. Anyone married for some time will agree that marriage is not completely a bed of roses, we are all imperfect. Yet, when you get to each anniversary you can reflect together on the fact that you as a couple have weathered all the obstacles of another 12 months and no doubt have grown closer in the process. That is worth celebrating. 

Celebrate with Flowers

As wedding anniversaries are clearly such an important occasion, how you celebrate it is worth a little forethought. You don’t need to break the bank, but you do need to show that you are taking the occasion seriously and therefore showing respect to your spouse. Flowers fulfil all these criteria, as they are cost effective, extremely thoughtful and hopelessly romantic. Here’s a few suggestions on suitable flowers for a selection of anniversaries:

1st Anniversary: Carnation

An important anniversary to get right, on your 1st wedding anniversary a carnation symbolises a young and passionate love. There are many beautiful hues, so choose one that suits you with pink adding the extra meaning of “I’ll never forget you” or the white of innocent love.

2nd Anniversary: Cosmos

The cosmos is a vivid and sublime flower that symbolises the positive transformation of your marriage over time. From an initial simplistic love, your love has matured into something more complex and intense.

3rd Anniversary: Sunflower

The sunflower with its warm and vibrant look unsurprisingly represents strength and warmth but has the additional extra meaning of loyalty and constancy. Just as you trust the sun will rise each morning, you trust that your spouse will always be there for you.

4th Anniversary: Geranium

Geraniums while beautiful and colourful are a flower that many people are familiar and comfortable with, just as at your 4th anniversary a couple will have found a combination of comfortable married life, pleasant surprises, and the radiance of deepening love.

5th Anniversary: Daisy

Daisies are flowers that many people here in the UK are very familiar with yet despite being seemingly simple their structure and texture is remarkable. Each of the daisy’s petals radiates from the centre, a centre that symbolises the strong bond of the couple and their shared experiences. Petals represent the exciting ways your relationship will grow, while the overall plant has the added symbolism of marital fidelity.

10th Anniversary: Daffodil

The 10th year together is truly a time worth celebrating and the daffodil provides the perfect symbol. A single daffodil seems small but in a bouquet of many other daffodils makes for an extraordinary bloom. Over the last ten years you will have collected many small memories that while beautiful have gradually come together to form an extraordinary life, based on a love as vibrant as the bright yellow daffodils.

25th Anniversary: Iris

Irises stand tall and bright, the perfect symbol of a strong relationship that had stood the test of time, and after 25 years you have certainly achieved much together. As a royal flower, and especially when in the ‘royal purple’ colour, they emphasise the esteem and respect that you have for your spouse. To give an iris is to honour royalty.

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