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Why Corporate Gift-Giving Is Important

Why Corporate Gift-Giving Is Important

posted: 2021-06-29 15:00:00 +0800

In any good relationship it is important to show your appreciation and business and client partnerships are no different. While many companies will send gifts during Chinese New Year or Christmas, considering giving gifts on a regular basis to preferred clients, partners, or staff as it is an undeniable way to show that you value the relationship and their commitment to your business. Here are seven reasons why corporate gift-giving is important and why you should be doing it more often.

Personalised Gifts Reinforce Your Brand and Relationships

Whether it is your staff or a business associate, giving personalised gifts reinforces the business relationship and makes the recipient feel acknowledged and valued. Gift-giving also reinforces your brand and ensures that your brand is remembered and received warmly.

Wine food hamper

Sets You Apart From the Competition

A thoughtful gift shows your commitment to the business relationship and that you’re willing to work with them. While there may be other businesses that your client works with, gift-giving sets you apart from the competition and leads you into becoming a preferred partner.

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Establishes Trust

Receiving a gift evokes an emotional response, this means that your clients, partners, or potential associates have a higher chance of remembering you and positively associate that remembrance. Gift-giving sets the tone of trust, friendliness, compassion, and encourages good vibes.

Connects Over Distance

In our modern world, business relationships can take many forms and can transpire over borders. Whether you have met your partners physically or digitally, gift-giving helps connect and establish bonds and bring a sense of closeness regardless of geography.

Inspires Inclusivity

Giving gifts during cultural occasions and holidays indicates that you’re a company that values inclusivity and celebrates diversity. Further, it also inspires you as a company to learn or understand more about a specific culture or practice to avoid any social faux pas while gift-giving.

Opens Discussions on Ongoing Business

When a client or potential client receives a gift, it opens a means for discussion when they acknowledge the receipt of your gift. It creates an opportunity to revisit and discuss various business ongoings and needs, as well as open new business opportunities. Further, it also encourages clients or business associates to make the most of your services and acts as a reminder of your relationship and what you bring to their business.