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Winter Flowers to Warm the Home

Winter Flowers to Warm the Home

posted: 2019-12-16 16:00:00 +0800

Winter in Hong Kong is just around the corner and while we may not have white winters, the temperature still drops to a chilly level, especially if you haven’t invested in heater for your home. Thankfully, nothing warms quite the way flowers do when it comes to winter décor. Lots of types of flowers work for winter arrangements with white and deep shades of blue, purple, gold, red, pink and green giving the most seasonal appearance. Look for your next winter flower décor with us and warm up your home with a winter flower arrangement from Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong Florist.

Florist Flower Arrangement - Deep pink rose basket 8 - L76605638 Photo

A basket winter flower arrangement with deep red and pink roses, white Ornithogalum and hydrangea with matching greens and dried winter foliage.

Preserved Forever Flower - Bundle of Joy Preserved Roses Bouquet M25 - L36515425 Photo

This wintery and festive bouquet of dried flowers is the perfect flower décor for a winter day. With gold baubles, dried red roses, pink hydrangea, and arched greenery this flower bouquet would make a perfect winter centerpiece that can be reused year after year or as a special flower delivery for a friend, family member, co-worker, or spouse.

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Preserved Forever Flower - Two-tone Preserved Flower M54 - L36515894 Photo

This whimsical, wintery, and wonderous bouquet of mystical preserved flowers makes for a thoughtful romantic gift for an outdoor excursion or date. This preserved bouquet contains multi-coloured roses, purple hydrangea and white orchid in seasonal and wintery colours. Bring this reusable gift home to add décor to your home or office as this bouquet will keep for up to a year with tender loving care.

Preserved Forever Flower - Mid-night Seduction Preserved Flower M6 - L36516785 Photo

The pinecones and added foliage make for an ideal accompaniment to the rich purple roses in this stylish preserved flower box, giving off the perfect winter-feel. As this box contains preserved flowers you can send these flowers anywhere in world to give warmth and love no matter what the temperature is outside.

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Florist Flower Arrangement - British table florist ET09 - L76606200 Photo

This British arrangement of table flowers is a great example of a colourful and bright winter flower arrangement. From vibrant purple hydrangeas to the subtle white of the lilies, Queen Anne’s lace and eustoma, this decorative flower arrangement will bring warmth to any wintery kitchen or dining area.

Florist Flower Bouquet - France style rose florist bouquet RD14 - L76604381 Photo

This is an exquisite winter flower bouquet that balances dark and light colours for a warm and comfortable winter-feel. The dark calla lilies contrast the white snowy roses and Ornithogalum while the holland eryngium and accompanying foliage complete the rustic vibe of this seasonal flower bouquet.

Florist Flower in Vase -  Beautiful Gift  Florist vase Decor K01 - L36509464 Photo

Frosty blue hydrangeas, deep purple eustoma, sheer white roses and fragrant eucalyptus make up this seasonal and fresh flower vase arrangement.

Preserved Forever Flower - Nature inspired preserved flower table décor  0929A3 - PX0929A3 Photo

Who says brown has to be ugly? This rustic and vintage inspired winter dried flower arrangement includes beautiful dried Gerber daisies, hydrangea, lotus and other warm flower materials. This simple arrangement will bring warmth and vitality to a cold winter office or home or better yet, have this special arrangement delivered to spread more holiday warmth and cheer.

If you or your loved ones have a case of the winter blues and need some warm flowery inspiration, contact Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong Flower Shop to help give you spirt a lift in time for the holidays.

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