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5 Types of Bridal Bouquets | How to choose your favorite wedding bouquet?

5 Types of Bridal Bouquets | How to choose your favorite wedding bouquet?

by Julie
posted: 2018-10-16 10:30:00 +0800

Bride bouquet brings a pure and natural atmosphere to the wedding. On the one hand, the wedding flowers can be extra bridal accessories for the bride's wedding gown; on the other hand, the symbolic meaning of the wedding bouquet expresses the couples’ pursue of lasting happiness in marriage and a promising future. Also, the beautiful bridal flowers add a romantic touch to the wedding. We often see different kinds of flower bouquets at different occasions; do you know why the brides need to hold a flower bouquet at the wedding? There are many types of wedding bouquets in the flower shops; do you know which one is the best for you? Join our GGB florists and find out the best bridal bouquet for you.

Origin of Bridal Bouquet

It is said that the wedding bouquet was originated from an ancient custom. In ancient western history, the bridal bouquets were seen as the guardians of the bride because people think that the highly aromatic spices and herbs of the flowers can protect people at the wedding from bad luck and disease. As time went by, this custom remains and continues to develop into an essential part of the modern weddings.

Meaning of Catching the Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquet symbolizes happiness and love. The bride throws the bouquet at the wedding to send her best wishes to the single female friends and hoping that the lucky girl can find her true love as soon as possible.

Different types of wedding bouquets for different brides

1. The Round Bouquet

The round bridal flower bouquet is the most classic bouquet at the wedding. The floral materials are not limited to fresh flowers; preserved flowers can also be used. This firm and easy-to-carry posy bouquet prevents the wind of blowing the flowers away and it looks good on smaller size brides; moreover, the simple yet elegant wedding bouquet is also suitable to be used in formal occasions like the church wedding ceremony.

2. Hand-tied bridal wedding bouquet


The floral combination of the Hand-tied bridal bouquet is more casual and freer. It is made up of a variety of beautiful flowers and green leaves tightening together with light gauze or satin at the flower stem to form a fresh flower wedding bouquet. The size of the whole bunch of flowers is relatively large, so it’s suitable for tall brides as wedding flowers bouquet. For those brides who like the vintage style or natural elements, this natural Hand-tied bridal bouquet will be your first choice.

3. The Cascading bouquet/ Waterfall bridal bouquet/ Shower bridal bouquet

The Cascading bouquet is known as the "Shower bridal bouquet" and it’s the most classic and formal bridal wedding bouquet in Western countries. This style of bridal bouquet was used in the British royal wedding in the 1980s and the shape of this flower bouquet is very eye-catching. When the bride holds the waterfall bridal bouquet, the long foliages hang down from the bouquet draw much attention. The Cascading bouquet goes very well with the bride's wedding gown and makes the bride looks slim and elegant. This waterfall bridal bouquet is suitable for the oversize or tall brides.

4. Presentation bridal bouquet

It is a great alternative to more traditional styles of flowers, very stylish and perfect for modern style weddings. The elegant design bouquet can be gently placed on the bride's arm as simple and refined as she likes. The flower stems are tied with beautiful ribbons to make the bouquets look delicate and gorgeous. The popular wedding flowers selections are calla, gladiolus, orchid, long stem rose, delphinium, and Larkspur. The presentation bouquet is suitable for the sophisticated, mature and elegant brides.

5. Posy bridal bouquet

As a classic and popular choice for the bride, the posy bouquet is typically in a small round shape wrapped with ribbon that is easy for the bride to hold; also, fresh flowers make up the main part of the wedding bouquet with a nice foliage finishing touch. There are not much difference between posy bouquets and round bouquets, but regarding the choice of flowers, posy bouquet can have more floral materials with simpler wrapping styles.

The above 5 bridal bouquets have their own characteristics; brides can choose the one that match your own style and the whole wedding theme to add romantic elements to your happy wedding!



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