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A Christmas Gift like a Work of Art

A Christmas Gift like a Work of Art

by Julie
posted: 2018-11-22 13:30:00 +0800

Giving gifts should be practical, creative and decent, and a unique gift will surprise the recipients and leave them a good impression. A series of Abalone gifts produced by Reign Abalone not only retain the original flavor of Abalone but also are detail-oriented on the gift packages. The aim of Reign Abalone is to provide high-quality, natural, innovated and easy-to-enjoy abalone products for you.

Reign Abalone carefully selected the best quality South African abalone products, the professional Aquaculture farm located in the beautiful coastal towns of Gansbaai and Hermanus is the best place for abalone culture. Our abalones are from the beautiful, pristine Walker Bay waters, cultured in natural farming environment and processed with traditional skills so as to ensure you the high quality, texture and fresh abalones for a causal but refined taste experience. Reign Abalone believes that the refined delicacy is more than a treat to your taste buds, just as the enjoyment of fine art is more than its visual impact. Combining the two elements together, Reign Abalone sourced the premium food from around the world and created a series of great abalone gift boxes that look like works of art. Now Give Gift Boutique Florist will take you to feel the beauty of art through the Reign Abalone.

Michelin Fine Art Abalone with honey Box Set

The exclusive gift box includes the finest South Africa ready-to-eat abalones and Spanish organic creamed honey and pollen, the box is adorned with beautiful artwork by the renowned Post -Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. An eatable art that is pleasant to our mind and taste.

Michelin Design Abalone Jewelry Box Set

The novel packaging instantly catches our eyes, and the oil painting Picasso on the gift box showcases the medieval style. This gift set contains two top abalones, they are:

The natural zest from South Africa - South Africa abalones are darker in color with a strong aroma, after a lengthy slow-cook procedure, the cooked abalone is chewy yet tender, leaving a balsamic aftertaste.

The rare delicacy from New Zealand - The Blackfoot abalone has unique taste and texture as a premium steak. REIGN ABALONE was inspired to use dry aged treatment for its wild-caught Blackfoot abalone. After aging in a controlled temperature and humidity environment for 30 days, the abalone’s flavor was then intensified and became tenderer-a taste that you won't forget.

Michelin Star Reign - Abalone giftbox

This Reign Abalone Giftbox is presented by the famous chef of Swiss Michelin Star. Collagen is well-known for its ability to retain skin elasticity, so it has always been popular among ladies. Collagen is also an important element to keep our bones healthy. Inside every pack of REIGN ABALONE, the jelly-like substance surrounding the abalone is actually congealed collagen, which is tasty and beneficial for your skin.

As Christmas is approaching, Give Gift Boutique Florist chooses a selection of high quality foods from Reign Abalone, combining our gifting experience and advantages to launch a series of Christmas-themed gift hamper.

Michelin Star Reign Christmas Hamper R1

Abalone has a strong seawater aroma, it's best to choose a bottle of wine that can balance the flavors of abalone and highlight the freshness. The fresh abalone is slow-cook in a sealed packaging and sent straight to Hong Kong in its best condition, the abalone sauce in the vacuum bag is full of collagen essence, if you add the XO sauce to the abalone and cook together; you are able to come up with a fresh, fragrant and spicy Ham XO sauce dish. This Christmas gift basket is a great gift for Gift-giving and Personal use.

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