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A Summer Fruit Feast With Delightful Fruit Hampers

A Summer Fruit Feast With Delightful Fruit Hampers

posted: 2021-08-03 15:00:00 +0800

In hot summer, we sometimes don't feel like eating. However, there are so many refreshing and appetizing fruit desserts that should not be missed in summer. In the hot season of fruit, feel free to get a taste of cool and mouth-watering fruit desserts from the delightful fruit hampers of Give Gift Boutique. The fruit hampers contain the best seasonal fruit from the globe and they are perfect for savoring with friends or gift-giving.

Fancy Fruit Desserts Have Become Viral On the Internet

In recent years, fruits have been made into many fancy desserts, and fruit desserts have become viral on the internet. Many Hong Kong citizens love to make desserts in their spare time to feed their family members fertilizer.

After trying different recipes of fruit desserts, fruits can be made into these delightful desserts.

1.Lava Lychee Balls: Peel the lychees and remove the pits, soak them in saltwater for 20 minutes and then remove them, then squeeze the condensed milk inside the lychees and freeze them in the refrigerator for 4 hours. This fruit dessert is sweet and crunchy with crystal clear looks, and the dense fragrance of cream will make you addicted to it.

2. Frozen Grape Balls: Wash the grapes and put them in the refrigerator overnight. It tastes like an ice cream bar, but it will fill your mouth with the pleasant acidic and sugary taste, and the fragrance of grapes.

3. Peach yogurt: chop the peaches or nectarines into dice, then add yogurt, milk, and condensed milk according to your taste and mix them together. This fruit dessert has a rich taste and a pleasant aftertaste. It is perfect as a dessert for summer afternoon tea. In addition, this dessert can be made into shaved ice, ice cream, etc. according to personal preference.

However, it is assured that only high-quality fruits can create wonderful tastes. Give Gift Boutique only imports high-quality fruits from the world, so that everyone can savor the wonderful taste of fruits.

Delightful Fruits To Cool Down Hot Summer

fruit basket

In summer, fruit feasts are sought after. Some people even have a bowl of the fruity mix for themselves, putting their favorite fruit, yogurt, boba, pudding, and so on into their bowls. When tasting fruity mix, the crunchy pulp gushes out the light taste of the juice, the pleasant taste of yogurt, and the chewy food, and it makes us indulged in summer days.

To cater tastes of different family members, many families put different kinds of fruits in the refrigerator. However, some fruits will soon lose their sweetness after being refrigerated for days, such as watermelons and bananas. In addition, some fruits spoil easily at room temperature, but also lose their sweetness after several days of refrigeration, such as some tropical fruits like mango and pineapple. The senior fruit buyers of Give Gift Boutique said that when a fruit has been cut, it should be eaten as soon as possible. If the fruit is inedible yet, please keep the peel so that it can be kept for a longer storage time. In addition, fruit can be stored in a fresh-keeping box or fresh-keeping bag to keep its fresh taste as possible.

The Exquisite Fruit Hampers Are Sought-after