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Amber Pecan Nuts - Perfect Chinese New Year Gifts by Master Wan

Amber Pecan Nuts - Perfect Chinese New Year Gifts by Master Wan

by Julie
posted: 2019-02-01 10:40:00 +0800

Modern people nowadays are more conscious about their health as they pay more attention to the healthy life, healthy diet, healthy exercise and so on. With the advent of the Chinese New Year, choosing a CNY gift for friends and relatives becomes a top priority. Is there really a gift that is both delicious and healthy? The answer is yes. In fact, a New Year's gift can be healthy, delicious and decent. The "Master Wan" Amber Pecan Nuts of the Chinese New Year Collection which is introduced by Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique Florist is a top-pick gift for CNY.



Nuts are the energy storage scattered around the globe, and pecans are an excellent example among them. As we all know, pecan has a lot of health benefits including brain-strengthening, intelligence-improving, anti-ageing and cholesterol-lowering. As you can see, the packaging of "Master Wan" - Amber Pecan is simple yet gorgeous without too much decoration which makes it more outstanding.


Carefully selected fresh ingredients from all over the world, "Master Wan" is determined to bring you the most healthy and delicious delicacy. In addition to the well-picked high -quality pecans, maltose and crystal sugar, Master Wu also skillfully uses Japanese Sannoutou sugar for baking to make the nuts more crispy with balanced sweetness. The surface of the pecan is clear as amber, and if you sprinkle them with a little bit of sesame, you will enjoy a even tasty experience.



"Master Wu" - Amber Pecan is suitable as a gift for people of all ages, whether as a New Year gift to others or a gift to yourself as refreshment; it is really an exquisite combination of health, delicious and dignity.

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