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The Stunning Beauty of Art - Christmas Cookies Gift Box

The Stunning Beauty of Art - Christmas Cookies Gift Box

by Julie
posted: 2018-12-05 09:40:00 +0800

Although Christmas is a Western festival, we can still feel the full Christmas atmosphere in Hong Kong. The streets and shopping malls have been decorated with a variety of beautiful Christmas decorations. The joyful Christmas carols are also around our ears. Giving gifts to others at Christmas is a very common way for people in Hong Kong. However, as a gift shop with 10 years of giving-gifts experience in Hong Kong, Give Gift Boutique Florist surely has the best Christmas gifts to recommend for you.

The concept of artwork is hard to grasp and makes people think that it’s hard to reach out, but after all the mysterious art is often originated from life, and the difference is that the artist's skillful hand has turned these inspirations and ideas into eternal works of art.

Christmas is a holiday that gives people warmth in winter. Cookies are a must-have Christmas dessert for Westerners who love baking cookies on Christmas Day. The air is filled with festive atmosphere, with the aromatic butter, egg, and cream at the same time, which is the unique atmosphere of Christmas.

But have you ever wondered what kind of sparks would come from combining art and cookies together?

This Michelin Star-Cookie Gift Box newly introduced by Give Gift Boutique Florist is a clever combination of art and top delicacy, thus presenting a Cookie Gift box wrapped in an artistic gift packaging. We believe this unique gift will surprise you.

The cookie gift box adopted the watercolor painting of the French Impressionist representative Claude Monet's Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge as a cover, which is elegant, chic and memorable.

The cookies inside the gift box are crispy, fragrant and attractive in taste. Swiss Michelin Star and the French chef's Gault-Millau food guide rated 16 points (out of 18 points) Chef Jean-MARC Soldati has selected the of top butter, premium milk, eggs and other raw materials, together with the careful ratio of the making process. In order to make every piece of the cookie of the same quality, each piece of cookie is like a small piece of art.

Christmas is a day for sharing happiness and delicacies with loved ones. Therefore, Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique Flower Shop specially selected several imported foods of the same quality and the oil painting art cookie box to form a series of Christmas theme food hampers. There are not only all kinds of delicacies in the gift hamper, but also exquisite Christmas ornaments, such as Christmas tree, Christmas ball, pinecone and so on, which add more Christmas atmosphere to the entire gift hamper.

This Christmas Hamper v7 contains 8 items (including packaging basket), including Godiva Chocolate Beans/Chocolate Bricks, Michelin Fine Art Abalone with honey Box Set, Michelin Star Licensed Design Xmas Cookies, Cova Caffe' Torrefatto Macinato, Italy Truffle Sauce (Mushroom, Truffle), Christmas Décor, Man-made leather brown hamper with top strap. This gift hamper is very luxurious and decent, and the oil painting makes the whole gift basket more artistic. It is really suitable for gift giving and personal use.