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Birthday Gift Selection for New-born Baby/Small Children/Teenagers

Birthday Gift Selection for New-born Baby/Small Children/Teenagers

posted: 2023-05-23 23:00:00 +0800

Children all eagerly expect their birthdays. On their very own special day, their parents and  elder family make every effort to surprise children and realize their birthday wishes. If you are browsing through the website pages to get a gift for your children’s birthday, this article may come in handy. GGB collected a series of birthday gifts respectively for new-born babies, small children and teenagers, helping to create beautiful growth memories for the birthday star.

Special Connection to Know the Baby at Birth - Useful Birthday Gifts for Newborn Baby

It’s a special connection to know someone at birth. The connection is the continuation of blood or the extension of the parental friendship. For new-born babies, every gift from the elder relatives and friends of their parents carries sincere blessings for their healthy growth and a fabulous future. GGB knows baby stuff, we considerately select baby daily necessity that needs replacement frequently such as feeding bottles, diapers, milk powder dispenser, wet wipes, as well as brand&quality baby clothing such as one-piece outfit, baby bibs, hats, gloves, towels, and also abundant soothing stuff such as baby teether, pacifiers, bells toys and music-and-sound dolls. There are also natural skincare& bath products, as well as baby exclusive bedding such as pillows, baby blankets, and the sleep sets. These useful and considerate gifts attend to different stage of a baby. Postpartum mothers are always neglected, they require care no less than the new-born baby. GGB also prepare mother care gifts such as nourishing soup, tonics, and fresh fruit to help mothers recover fast and well. Our own logistic team manage to deliver gifts directly to both public and private hospitals, sending your regards to mommies and baby as soon as possible.

Baby Toy & Tool Gift Basket

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Birthday Gift for Small Children aged 1-3: Enlightenment Stage - Play and Explore the Mysteries of the World

Age 1-3 is the golden period for brain development of young children, during which children’s perception of the external world is most vigorous. Their nerves, organs, and language system gradually mature. Quality parental companionship is equally important in this period and helps young children establish a sense of security and cultivate stable emotions. When you choose gifts for small children at this age range, you could start with considering inspirational functionality. There are many great options such as building blocks, dolls with abstracted shape, audiobooks, parent-child interaction toy and games, toddler’s shoes, and baby strollers for bigger baby. Abundant shapes, colors, sounds and diverse gameplay stimulate children and encourage them to touch and learn. This simple birthday carries your heartful care and expectations for the little one. There are some caution you should notice when you choose gifts for small children. Firstly, it is important to match the appropriate age group, secondly choose soft items and avoid sharp edges and points. Childhood is meant to be carefree and full of joy. By Playing hard in childhood, and receiving sufficient attention and companionship, children develop the ability to perceive and create fun in life. This ability will help them better balance work and life in adulthood.

USA, Miyim simply organic Bowling set

Birthday Gift for Children 3-12 Years Old: The Most Understanding Imaginary Friend Doll

Pixar animation <<Inside Out>> released in 2015 projected the 5 emotion joy, anger, sadness, disgust and fear respectivly on 5 emotion specialists. The story is about the girl Riley, 11 years old,who started her new life in a new city and meet new friends and the psychology behind her experience. A new concept is shared by this animation that all emotions have their functions and happiness should not be the only emotion we pursuit. The role of emotion specialists is similar to that of an imaginary friend. After years of research, psychologists and psychiatrists have gradually recognized the function of imaginary friends in expressing emotions, regulating mental balance, enlighten imagination, and building self-awareness. Study led by the psychological team of the University of Washington in the United States pointed out that although an imaginary friends provides emotional support and empathy to children, most children realize that it is fake and merely a way to express and comfort themselves. About 65% of children owns an imaginary friends and some imaginary friends stay with the children till teenage. Many dolls can be taken as an imaginary friend, from the animation character that children like, a kind-hearted fairy doll, to a puffy rabbit or bear doll. During the sensitive period for order at age 2-4, parents can make good use of the imaginary doll to communicate with the children by pretending to have a dialogue with it. This will help unveil children’s true intentions and the reasons unspoken.

Barnes & Coleman Classic Brown Teddy Bear

Birthday Gift for 15-Year-Old Teenager -Surprising Dessert and Snack Assortment Hamper

Teenagers at the age of 15, always yearns for a pair of chic sneaker and an accessory of well-know brand. They enjoy spending their holidays on shopping and dinning with friends or having fun at Disneyland. A delicate hamper full of dessert and snacks will surely add to the surprise. The delicious food includes agnes b. cookies and pastries, snacks of Peninsula Hotel, various types of chocolate and chocolate flavored snacks, candy and chips. Whoever receives the hamper will be surprised by the diversity and abundance of delicacy included. The great snack gift is all for the birthday star, no need to share it with anybody. Even better, the birthday star can enjoy the hamper however he likes, either finish each pack one by one or enjoy the delicacies all at once. It’s up to him. The birthday star should get as much joy as possible on his birthday.