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Stunning Bouquet Packaging| Different Styles of Bouquet Wrapping Characteristics

Stunning Bouquet Packaging| Different Styles of Bouquet Wrapping Characteristics

by Julie
posted: 2019-09-06 16:30:00 +0800

Flower bouquets are absolutely the main characters in a flower shop. A bouquet with high level of appearance comes with beautiful packaging, especially when you choose to buy your favorite bouquet from a florist, what you buy is not only the flowers themselves but also the overall beauty of the bouquets. Also, the different styles of bouquets use different wrapping paper and packaging methods.

Before we get on with the bouquet packaging, let's first take a look at the core of the modern floral arrangement -- European Floral/European Bouquet. European style floral arrangement pays attention to the natural beauty of the flower itself; by using the magnificent flowers, the florists make stunning bouquets without adding too much decoration. At Hong Kong flower shop Give Gift Boutique, most of the flower bouquet designs are based on European bouquet techniques.

French Flower Bouquet

France gives people the impression of being a bit lazy, romantic, and free-flowing, therefore, the French-style bouquets also inherited these advantages. The romantic purple roses, on the other hand, are said to be synonymous with the perfect French-style bouquet.

Florist Flower Bouquet - France style rose florist gift RD22 - L76604483 Photo

This French rose bouquet consists of 15 light purple roses, hyacinths, white alstroemeria and minas. The bouquet wrapping paper adopts translucent texture, waterproof and moisture-proof foggy paper. The simple and casual wrapping method makes people focus on the natural beauty of flowers and enjoy the natural French beauty.

Italian Flower Bouquet

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, the appealing Italy not only has the characteristics of passion, love and art, but also the baroque style flower art which is popular throughout Europe.

Florist Flower Bouquet - Italy style Purple Tulip florist bouquet RD17 - L76604357 Photo

Tulips and hydrangea were very popular flowers back to the baroque era. The elegant tulip flower is a symbol of upper class society in the 17th century, while the hydrangea flowers look very much like the elegant and ladylike hemlines of the baroque period, pretty and fancy. This bouquet contains some of the most iconic flowers of Italy. Wrapped in high-end paper and decorated with velvety ribbons, it perfectly expresses the passion and vitality of the Italian bouquet as brilliant as the summertime.

Preserved Flower Bouquet

Preserved flower originated in Germany; it can also be called enchanted rose flowers. The packaging of the preserved flower gift is relatively flexible and changeable. In addition to bouquets, it can also be made into preserved flower gift boxes. A variety of floral materials, changeable shapes and long-lasting flowers may be the reason why preserved box flower gifts are so popular.

Preserved Forever Flower - Wonderland Preserved Flower Bouquet M29 - L36515334 Photo

This bouquet is entirely made of Japanese imported flowers, including light blue roses, light champagne roses, light blue hydrangea, white baby’s breath and so on. The bouquet wrapping paper used for external packaging is the chic beige organza, which has a light and transparent texture to create a dreamy atmosphere for the bouquet.

Graduation Flower Bouquet

Graduation flower is one of the most important parts of the graduation ceremony. A suitable graduation bouquet can make a person look more dazzling and stand out in the photos, moreover, it can draw a perfect full stop for their education and leave a good memory for the graduates.

Florist Flower Bouquet - Graduation Flower Bouquet Sun Flower 5 - L179463 Photo

Sunflowers and Geberras are the most commonly used flower materials for graduation bouquet as the huge sunflowers can illuminate the graduates ' future. The colorful graduation bouquets can bring positive energy and upward spirit and its packaging are relatively simple, with a sense of retro, good toughness and no deformation characteristics of kraft paper are one of the common graduation bouquets wrapping paper.

Hong Kong Flower Shop Give Gift Boutique has hundreds of bouquets with different themes, styles and meanings, and we'd love to share some floral arrangement techniques and Gift-giving ideas on GGB Blog.

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