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Celebrating a Newborn Baby during COVID

Celebrating a Newborn Baby during COVID

posted: 2021-07-02 11:00:00 +0800

The pandemic has added a lot of extra stress and worries into our lives, but it has especially affected new parents. Having a baby is supposed to be a joyous time that is shared with all your loved ones and family whereas the pandemic has forced many new parents into isolation, leaving them without a physical means of support and has limited ways to share their experience and their new bundle of joy. Thankfully, there are still many ways to celebrate and support a new family during these trying times. Perhaps you’re looking for thoughtful gifts and ways to support the new family or maybe you’re an expectant parent looking for meaningful ways to connect with your loved ones to help welcome your baby into the world? Check out some of these suggestions for impactful ways to celebrate the birth of child.

Gift Hampers

Natural Charm Organic Cotton Baby Gift hamper

Gift hampers a great way to welcome a new baby and to treat the new parents. Gift hampers or baskets can contain essentials for the baby such as clothes, toys, soothers etc. but they can also contain gifts to pamper the new mother as she heals from birth and adjusts to life as a new mom. Gift hampers are perfect for the pandemic as they can be purchased online and delivered just about anywhere. Alternatively, they’re a compact gift that can be left in front of a home or apartment.

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Socially Distanced Baby Showers and Meetings

Large gatherings of people have been discouraged for more than a year now and at times even close contact with family members. This can feel immensely discouraging for new or expecting parents. Family members and loved ones can still help new parents and babies feel loved in a socially distanced manner.

*Drive-by baby showers have been popular in the West in which family and friends would drive in front of the home and drop off gifts and well wishes to the new family.

*Staggered meet and greets – instead of having a large group over all at once to see the new baby, stagger the times that people can come so that only one or two can visit at a time.

*Have visitors always wear a mask and sanitise their hands before encountering the newborn.

*Use a barrier, such as window or a see-through tarp so that a person is visible and can be heard but is kept at a physical distance.

Online Meet and Greets

The pandemic has also prevented a lot of families from travelling, meaning that moments such as the birth of a new child are being missed in person. Thankfully, modern technology has helped fill this void and has allowed families to stay in touch with online video meetings and connections.  

Write a Letter

While this method may feel like an outdated form of communication, letters can make wonderful keepsakes. Letters addressing the newborn baby, about things that was happening when they were born or talking about their family, create thoughtful memorabilia pieces for when the baby gets older. They can also be thoughtful pieces for the new parents too.

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