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Christmas Customs

Christmas Customs

by Julie
posted: 2018-11-07 11:30:00 +0800

Christmas is not just known to be a sacred holiday but it is celebrated all over the world with regards to cultural phenomenon. Christmas traditions/customs reflect the sacred beliefs as well as the nature of a society. For people to make the best out of this day, having knowledge about Christmas history is crucial. This article will help overcome your queries about the Day, as well as answer the question as to what are the traditions of Christmas.

Christmas history

The day of Christmas is marked as the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. It is true that there is no actual evidence for such an event on that day, but it has been declared as his birthday since 440 AD. When the Saxons observed Christianity, the word Yule was changed to Christmas, but its proper usage began after the 11th century.

Christmas traditions/customs

As stated above, the traditions and customs of Christmas are not followed in the exact same manner throughout the world, though there are certain similarities which include lighting up the Christmas tree. Once the tree has been lightened, there is the hanging of stockings, candy canes and advent wreaths. The art pieces that are chosen for Christmas take you back in time, to the birth of Christ.

Christmas in England is very cold, foggy and wet. The harsh weather does not seem to stop families from sharing and receiving love. All houses are decorated with ivy, holly and evergreens in addition to mistletoe which is hanged outside homes. Groups of carolers sing Christmas songs from one house to the other. Treats are given to children along with nut filled pies.

As soon as the ban on Scottish Christmas was removed, it brought about joy in every household. The celebrations are similar to those in England. The day starts with the setting of the Christmas tree. Dinners are arranged with loads of Scottish shortbread. Roasted turkey and mashed potatoes are part of the great feast. A unique concept is the use of fire to get rid of all evils.

Although people of Northern Ireland celebrate this day in the same manner as all around the UK, they do have their own set of practices as well. It starts off with Christmas Eve and ends with the feast of Epiphany. Families hang a tall candle on the largest window in the house. It is lightened and symbolizes the warm welcome of Mary and Jesus.

A huge feast is arranged which consists of spiced beef which is cooked in a luxurious manner. This beef is served both cold and hot. Dessert revolves around a delicious fruit cake just like every other family in the UK.

It goes without saying that the celebrations throughout UK are the same whether it is England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. The only factor is that every society has its own touch of originality which is respected and regarded.

All around the world Christmas is celebrated with utmost regard and love. So, whenever the question pops in your mind as to what are the traditions of Christmas, just skim through this article and feel enlightened.




This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Christmas Customs' blogpost.
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