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Corporate Gifts for Mid Autumn Festival

Corporate Gifts for Mid Autumn Festival

posted: 2021-08-20 13:00:00 +0800

Prepare gifts for family and friends. Checked. Book dining venue for a get-together. Checked. What else should be on the checklist for Mid Autumn Festival? The festival not only is a chance for gatherings, but it is also a great chance to express gratitude to colleagues and business partners! Corporate gift hampers are having a greater and greater variety. Looking for a corporate gift for business partners? Read our tips below!

Reasons to give gifts at Mid Autumn Festival

In Western countries, Thanksgiving is the biggest festival of Autumn. In Hong Kong, Mid Autumn Festival not only means gathering, but it also has thanksgiving as the hidden agenda. Work is a big part of our adult life. To many of us, time spent in the office might even be longer than the time spent at our own home. That is why it is crucial to maintain a good relationship with our colleagues and business partners. Spend some time to pick a thoughtful Mid Autumn Festival Hamper Gift for your business partner that is effort-worthy.

Corporate Gift Hampers Recommendation

Gift hampers are always considered the best corporate gift for good reasons. A basket will contain a large variety of gourmet items where there must be something for everyone. Recently, gift hampers have to get rid of their rigid image of a fruit basket or flower basket. Most gift hampers are getting creative by pairing fruits or flowers with prestigious beverages and even luxury mooncakes from famous bakeries!

Mid Autumn Mooncake Fruit Basket P21

Mid autumn moon cake fruit basket

The gift hamper consists of 10 different kinds of fruits including but not limited to Japanese Green House Kyoho grapes and Korean Crystal Pear. There is something to satisfy all the sweet tooth! Moreover, you can also find custard-filled mooncakes from the Peninsula Hotel, bottles of instant bird nests for the beauty junkies, and organic tea sets.

Premium Spring Moon Mooncake Mid Autumn Hamper C13

Gift hampers without fruit could also exude a luxurious feel. This gift hamper includes a bottle of prestigious France Chateau Campot Lafont AOC / France Bordeaux AOC Wine, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, mooncakes from Spring Moon of Hotel Peninsula, Peninsula Hotel Walnut Cookies, Agnes B Delices premium Cookies or chocolate gift box, and other treats. You can also find a bottle of Italian large truffled sauce and other gourmet food, perfect for your business partners with delicate taste!

Mandarin Oriental Hotel - Wine Food Hamper 01