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Golden Kiwifruit VS Green Kiwifruit, who is the King of Nutrition?

Golden Kiwifruit VS Green Kiwifruit, who is the King of Nutrition?

by Julie
posted: 2018-12-13 15:20:00 +0800

With smooth peel, golden flesh and sweet taste, the Golden kiwifruit from New Zealand is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, protein, iron and other elements which gained popularity among the public. The common kiwifruit varieties in the market are SunGold kiwi and Green kiwi. Although the price of golden kiwi is higher than that of green kiwi, people still prefer to buy the former one. Gold Kiwi and Green Kiwi are two healthy low-GI fruits of the same variety, however, from the nutritional point of view, which one is the king of nutrition?

Vitamin C VS Dietary Fiber

The two kinds of kiwifruit have certain differences in the content of Vitamin C. According to the research, the vitamin C content of a gold kiwifruit is nearly double that of a green kiwifruit, so eating a golden kiwi per day could help you absorb the needed vitamin C for the whole day. Besides, for those who want to have more beautiful skin may also choose to have Golden Kiwifruit. In terms of dietary fiber content, green kiwifruit is much better than the golden one. The dietary fiber content of a green kiwifruit is 1.5 times higher than that of a golden kiwi fruit. The dietary fiber content of one green kiwifruit exceeds two bananas, which helps to accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve constipation, postpone the rise of blood sugar, prolong gastric emptying time, increase satiety, effectively reducing food intake and controlling body weight.

What is the Difference in Taste between Golden Kiwi and Green Kiwi?

The taste of golden kiwi is smoother and sweeter than green kiwifruit because it is high in fructose; which means with the same amount food, golden kiwi is 6 times sweeter than the white granulated sugar, as it is natural fructose, it has little effect on blood sugar and can be safely consumed. The texture of green kiwifruit is a bit rougher, it’s the mixed taste of sour and sweet, and the fructose content is lower than that of golden kiwifruit.

Why is Golden Kiwi more expensive than Green Kiwi?

1. Origin. Gold Kiwifruit is called a national treasure of New Zealand. The golden kiwifruits we buy from local markets are mostly imported from New Zealand via air freight with cold chain technology, so the overall cost is higher which results in the high retail price.

2. Cultivation technology. In the early 20th century, the New Zealanders have already improved the variety of "kiwifruit". As time goes by and the development of cultivation technology, the acidity of green kiwifruit is replaced by the sweetness in the created golden kiwifruit.

3. Plantation environment. As a major exporter of kiwifruit, New Zealand has more professional orchard management. The area of the golden kiwifruit orchard is smaller than that of green kiwifruit so that they could spend more time and effort on each gold kiwifruit. They will also set up wind walls in the orchards to protect the fruit from the wind.

How to Choose High quality Kiwifruit?

Whatever kind of kiwifruit you buy, remember to choose the one that is in the shape of the pointed head that looks like a chicken's mouth; don’t choose a kiwi that is flat like a duckbill, because the kiwifruit in the flat shape is mostly hormone-used. The pointed shape ones used no growth hormone or very little. Also, to choose a fruit with slightly darker skin, as this is a symbol of sufficient sunshine and a sweeter taste. The ripe kiwifruit is very soft and has a short shelf life, so it is best to buy a slightly harder fruit if you don’t want to eat it immediately. Banana is a natural ripening agent. Put kiwi and banana into the same plastic bag to speed up the ripening of the fruit.

Various Ways of Eating Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit is a fruit that is both delicious and healthy. The way of eating is also variety.

1. Cut the fruit into half and use the spoon to dig out the flesh from inside and eat it directly.

2. The kiwi peel is also rich in dietary fiber. After the fruit has been properly washed and the fur on the peel is scraped, you may eat it directly with the peel. PS: People who are allergic to kiwi fur shouldn't try this recipe.

3. Get rid of the kiwifruit peel and cut it into pieces. Put the milk/yogurt and pulp together in a blender then stir. It is the same way for making kiwifruit juice.

4. Fruit salad, fruit cakes with sweet and sour kiwifruit to add a fresh flavor.

Whether it is golden kiwi or green kiwi, they are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, and natural fruit enzymes and low in calories, etc. Eating 1-2 kiwis daily is good for your health. You may also choose to eat golden kiwifruit or green kiwifruit according to your needs.


PS: Because kiwifruit belongs to cold fruits in Chinese medicine, people with a deficiency of the spleen and stomach, diarrhea and frequent urination should be careful in eating kiwifruit to avoid aggravating the condition.




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