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Golden Kiwifruit VS Green Kiwifruit, who is the King of Nutrition?

Golden Kiwifruit VS Green Kiwifruit, who is the King of Nutrition?

by Julie
posted: 2020-06-25 12:00:00 +0800

Kiwis are a favorite around the world. With the iconic fuzzy peel and tangy yet sweet flavor, the Golden kiwifruit found in markets and gift hampers alike. Kiwis are rich in vitamins, dietary fibers, proteins, and other elements making them a healthy choice.

Common kiwifruit varieties on the market are the SunGold kiwi and the Green kiwi. While Sungolds tend to be more expensive than their green cousin, many still prefer to spend the extra money. Both are healthy (and good for diabetics as they have a low glycemic index); but nutrition-wise, which one is the king of nutrition?


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Vitamin C VS Dietary Fiber

Golden kiwis and green kiwis have certain dietary differences. According to research, the golden kiwifruit has nearly double the amount of vitamin C, enough to meet the daily requirement. As an added bonus, this beautiful fruit is excellent for the skin! 

In terms of dietary fiber, the green kiwifruit has 1.5 times more than its golden cousin. The dietary fiber content of one green kiwi is more than that of two bananas. This gives obvious health benefits for digestion and gut health. It also reduces high cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart-related issues. 

Lastly, this incredible fruit is very filling while low in calories. It is an easy snack in its fuzzy package and the flavor is welcome in many dishes. It’s no surprise that kiwis are popular in diets.

What is the Difference in Taste between Golden Kiwi and Green Kiwi?

The taste of golden kiwi is smoother and sweeter than green kiwifruit because it is high in fructose; which means with the same amount food, golden kiwi is 6 times sweeter than the white granulated sugar, as it is natural fructose, it has little effect on blood sugar and can be safely consumed. The texture of green kiwifruit is a bit rougher, it’s the mixed taste of sour and sweet, and the fructose content is lower than that of golden kiwifruit.

What's the Difference in Taste?

The taste of golden kiwi is smoother and sweeter because it is higher in fructose. Though six times sweeter than white granulated sugar, this natural fructose has little effect on blood sugar and can be safely consumed. The texture of its green cousin is a bit rougher and it has a lower fructose content which gives us that familiar tangy taste we love.

If you're hungry already from reading this, check out the tasty hampers at the end of this post that feature kiwis!

Why is the Golden Kiwi more expensive than the Green Kiwi?

1. Logistics. The golden kiwis we buy from local markets are mostly imported from New Zealand via air freight with cold chain technology. So the overall shipping cost is higher which results in a high retail price.

2. Research and Development. In the early 20th century, the New Zealanders had already begun improving their variety of kiwi. The acidity of the green kiwifruit was replaced with the sweetness of the golden kiwifruit, but the advanced technology is also reflected in the price.

3. Plantation environment. New Zealand is a global leader in orchard management. Golden Kiwi orchards are smaller than those of the green variety in order to spend more time and effort on each gold kiwifruit. They also set up wind walls in the orchards which protect the precious fruit from harsh winds.

How to Choose the Best Kiwi?

Here are three things you can do when choosing your kiwis: look at their skin, smell them, and test their ripeness by applying light pressure. First, choose fruit with slightly darker skin, as this is a sign that they have had sufficient sunshine. Usually, the riper the kiwi, the hairier the kiwi! Avoid buying those with bruises, dark spots, wrinkles, or mold. These are signs that the fruit is overripe, or will not ripen evenly. 

Next, note the kiwi’s smell. A strong sweet smell may mean the fruit is overripe. Look for those with a pleasant citrus aroma.

Lastly, choose your kiwis based on whether you want to eat them right away, or later. Ripe fruit should give slightly when you apply light pressure with your fingers. Ripe kiwifruit has a short shelf life, so buy a slightly harder fruit if you don’t want to eat it immediately. Since bananas are a natural ripening agent, putting your kiwis and a banana into a bag together can speed up the ripening process. Bon appétit!


Sharing Kiwis

Give Gift Boutique florist and gift shop has been offering both green kiwis and golden kiwis since 2008. We are happy to carefully pack these fruits for delivery to anywhere in Hong Kong and Macau. Call us today to find out how you can share these amazing fruits with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

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