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Distinguish the fake and genuine Peninsula Hotel Mooncakes! Differences between the old and new packaging

Distinguish the fake and genuine Peninsula Hotel Mooncakes! Differences between the old and new packaging

by Julie
posted: 2019-08-26 13:00:00 +0800

The classic mini egg custard mooncakes from the Peninsula hotel have new gift packaging this year! As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, so comes the peak season for moon cake purchase. Among these mooncake gifts, the ones produced by the Peninsula hotel are sought after by millions of people every year and sold out very fast. Due to the high demand of this popular Mid-autumn gift, fake products appear in the market which includes the pharmacies. Therefore, customers who might not pay enough attention to the details can get into the trap of purchasing fake mooncakes. In this article, Hong Kong flower shop Give Gift Boutique will take the peninsula mini egg custard mooncake gift as an example to show how you can tell the difference between the real and fake peninsula mooncakes.

How to quickly identify fake and authentic Peninsula mooncakes?

From last year’s experience, we remember that it’s a lot of hard work before we can tell the difference between the real and fake mini egg custard mooncakes, and the many steps include paying extra attention to the gift packaging, shape of the font and the color of the mooncakes, it’s likely that you will get the wrong one if you miss the details. This year, however, is much easier and faster to identify the authenticity of the Peninsula Hotel mooncake; customers only need to use their phones to scan the QR Code at the back of the mooncake gift box to check the status. If an authenticated image appears, it proves that you have bought the real Peninsula Hotel mooncakes.

What's the difference between the new packaging and the old packaging of Peninsula mooncakes?

Comparison of new and old packaging of peninsula mooncake

Compared to last year’s mooncake gift box, the Peninsula Boutique has made a few changes to their packaging:

  1. Color: The mooncake gift box changes its main color tone from low-key dark red to eye-catching bright red, also, yellow golden color is added to increase the luxurious feel and make it a decent gift for mid-autumn.
  2. Patterns: If you look carefully, you will discover that the patterns are similar but there are some changes where they are printed, but overall they are not big changes.
  3. Gift Bag: To match the color change of the mooncake gift box, the gift bag of this year's peninsula mini egg custard mooncake also uses bright red color tone, which adds to the festive atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn festival.

Originally created by the Peninsula Hotel, the mini egg custard mooncake gifts have become a modern classic in Hong Kong and one of the most iconic mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival gift giving, as well as sharing with friends and family in the mid-autumn reunion. Want to convey the local taste of Hong Kong to your loved ones? GiveGiftBoutique flower & gift shop has prepared a wide range of boutique Mid-Autumn gifts, including mooncakes and other great gifts from the peninsula hotel for you to send the best Mid-Autumn blessings.

Mid-Autumn Gift Hamper - The Peninsula Hotel Mid Autumn Gift  Basket M65 - L3125596 Photo

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