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European Concept Life, Maison XXII Chocolate

European Concept Life, Maison XXII Chocolate

by Julie
posted: 2018-12-07 13:20:00 +0800

Maison XXII is a quality lifestyle brand from Europe. The concept of the brand comes from the beautiful city Provence, France which inspired the founder to bring the European life styles into our daily lives. Maison XXII advocates the taste of life and meticulous attention to the details of life. Maison XXII used sophisticated beauty to bring out exquisite delight to a series of European-style gift products including candy, chocolate, pastries, daily necessities and floral arrangements, giving us pleasant gifting experience.

The founder of Maison XXII was the chief designer of Agnès b. Under the leadership of this talented designer, Agnès b. has produced a lot of amazing gift collections and gift items, earning itself a high reputation in the industry. After many years’ experience and observation in Agnès b, the designer now has established Maison XXII through his own understanding of the industry and the integration of French fashion. We believe that whether in chocolate production, floral arrangement or everyday art crafts, they all reflect the unique perspective and thoughts of the designer and bring the most authentic French style to our daily lives.

As one of the top chocolate producers, Maison XXII has high standard in the selection of high-quality chocolates and the choice of various flavors, making sure to keep the classic European flavor yet still creative. We’re sure the exquisite chocolate gift box of Maison XXII's will give you an unforgettable sweet experience.

Carrés is a French word and it means "square" in English. It is the highlight of LE PETIT PLAISIR chocolate series with the feature size of a small square. There are nine flavors of MAISON XXII CARRÉ 9PCS chocolate and they are:

70% Dark Chocolate Carrés

70% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Carrés

60% Dark Chocolate with Almond Sea Salt Carrés

60% Dark Chocolate with Nougatine Carrés

60% Dark Chocolate with Orange Carrés

34% Milk Chocolate with Caramel Carrés

34% Milk Chocolate with Crispy Rice Carrés

34% Milk Chocolate with Coffee Carrés

34% Milk Chocolate Carrés

Maison XXII chocolate has a silky texture with a strong chocolate flavor; each piece is the result of skillful craftsmanship and ensures you the premium cocoa essence.

Give Gift Boutique Florist has introduced a series of Maison XXII chocolate/candy to our gift collections; various French style chocolate packaging designs go with different GGB floral gifts to create a unique European floral chocolate gift




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