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Flower Bouquet for Anniversaries

Flower Bouquet for Anniversaries

posted: 2021-10-14 17:40:00 +0800

Anniversary is always a celebration-worthy occasion between couples. It is no doubt that a milestone between the two of you no matter you are married or in the dating stage. Some surprises never fail to make your partner's day, and it is an occasion that is worth your efforts preparing. If you are writing a list of to-dos for your anniversary, don’t forget to put getting a flower bouquet into the list, and express your affection for your other half with these pretty colorful little gems.

Why Do People Send their Partner Flowers on Anniversaries?

The answer is pretty straightforward: the bright colors and the layers of soft petals on their own are enough to make someone happy merely looking at them. We believe that it is hard to find a single girl who does not feel anything towards a bouquet! Sending flowers to your loved one is especially perfect for gentlemen that lie on the shy side and rarely express their affection through words. As each flower carries its language of flowers, you can simply express yourself with the correct flower that speaks your heart for you!

Flowers for Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries have different names based on how long the marriage is. And there is a specific flower that has its language of flower befitting the length of your marriage. Apart from the synopsis of romance, roses, we have the following recommendations:

First Anniversary. The honeymoon period is called the paper wedding. Carnation symbolizes young and passionate love, making it the perfect flower to give to your partner on your first anniversary!

Fifth Anniversary. Also called the wood wedding. Despite that living with your partner has become part of daily life, do not forget to express your gratitude for he/her and embrace the tiny joyful moments that you two got to share in this marriage journey! Gerbera symbolizes faithfulness and forever love, the perfect declaration to your loved one on your fifth anniversary.

Tenth Anniversary. A round of applause for reaching the ten years milestone! On your tin wedding day, it would be perfect to look back to old memories and see how far you two have come with a bundle of daffodil!

Fifteen Anniversary. The other name for the fifteen anniversary is pretty fancy, called the crystal wedding! When it comes to the crystal wedding, a fresh red roses bouquet would be perfect. With passionated love being the language behind roses, it is a vow of forever love to your other half.

Flower Bouquet

Flowers for Anniversaries

The first encounter, the first date… all these fluttering moments are the best reasons to throw a big party to celebrate! To make any anniversary celebration more unforgettable, a bouquet will do the trick!

Like we have mentioned above, the rose has long been the top pick for any romantic occasion with its language of the flower. Yet, do you know roses of different colors carry a different language?

●The red rose stands for forever love of passion;

●pink rose says first love and caring;

●purple rose to symbolize precious love that can stand any challenges;

●black rose is elegant and mysterious, which is a declaration of you belong to me;

●blue rose stands for destined encounter;

●orange rose means forever young.

Red Rose Bouquet

Apart from roses, other popular flowers for anniversaries also includes:

●Turnips: Red turnips stand for passion and romance; white turnips symbolize pure love, which also carries the meaning of success.

●Hydrangea: Symbolising the heartfelt feeling, and the desire to understand someone.

●Peony: Stands for a happy marriage and pure love.

●Camellia: Symbolising love, affection, and admiration.