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Preserved Flower Gift Box DIY Production Tutorial Picture+ Article+ Video

Preserved Flower Gift Box DIY Production Tutorial Picture+ Article+ Video

by Julie
posted: 2018-08-24 17:20:00 +0800

Preserved flowers have become more and more popular in recent years. As one kind of flower gift, preserved flowers gifts have the advantages of long-lasting, colorful, and varied in style, which is unbeatable compare to other fresh flowers. The preserved flowers are made of real flowers using special techniques and can last for 3 to 5 years under proper storage conditions without any changes. The flower box gift is one of the most common styles of preserved flower gifts. Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique Flower Shop has created a DIY preserved flower gift box video and text tutorial for our readers. We suggest those who want to send a handmade gift can try to make their own preserved flower gift box with the information here.

Floral materials and tools preparation:

Flower materials:

1) David Austin rose

2) Pink Carnation

3) Gypsophila

4) Hydrangea

5) Star Flower

6) Moss

7) Floral Foam



1) Square Glass Box

2) Industrial Glue Sticks

3) Scissors

4) Wires

The time of DIY preserved flower gift box: about 10mins

The steps of DIY preserved flower gift box:

Step1: After getting all the materials ready, preheat the industrial glue sticks, then open up the glass box, and apply hot industrial glue sticks on the side of the floral foam to fix it inside the flower box (the floral foam takes up one-third of the space in the glass box).

Step2: Gently tear the mossy grass into pieces, and evenly separate the moss pieces to fill the gap between the floral foam and the glass box.

Step3: Determine the position of the main flowers, and then make holes on the floral foam with the remained flower stems; later take the flowers out and put glue in the hole to help stick the preserved flowers on the foam.

Step4: Cut the hydrangea with scissors into small pieces and place them in the gap between the main flowers. (Hydrangea does not need to be coated with hot glue sticks)

Step5: Keep some of the stems of the star flowers, cut them in sharp angles with scissors, then apply the hot melted glue to the sharp part, and place them in the proper position.

Step6: To separate the gypsophila with scissors. Because the flower diameter is relatively weak, it needs to use the wire to wrap it to consolidate it. After the wrapping is done, add it to the main flower as decoration. After finishing this last step, this beautifully preserved flower gift box is finished!

Precautions for preserved flowers:

Keep it dry, do not touch the water and avoid direct sunlight and damp environment, preferably sealed.

永生不死花 - 【馨】情母親節花盒 M58 - L36516792 Photo

Love You Mommy Flower Box M58

The flower box is also a beautiful gift box. Unlike the normal flower bouquets, the preserved flowers hidden in the flower gift box brings more surprises and expectations for the gift recipients. The preserved flower preserves the texture and color of the fresh flowers to the greatest extent. For those who have pollen allergy, the preserved flower gift box is the remedy of not being able to enjoy the beauty of the fresh flowers.

For those who like handcrafts can DIY a preserved flower gift box at home and enjoy the amazing hand made experience. If you don't have free time but still want to send the persevered flower gifts to your beloved ones, you can order online from Give Gift Boutique Flower Shopand get a ready-made gift. Whether you choose to DIY a persevered flower gift box or go to the flower shop to buy one, we believe the gift recipients can feel your warm love.

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