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Gift Guide to New Born Baby

Gift Guide to New Born Baby

posted: 2021-11-08 17:30:00 +0800

The arrival of a newborn brings overloaded joy. To express your love and blessings, giving a gift to babies and mummies is a great gesture. We understand that it is never easy to get babies the precise gift given that there are too many choices out there. That is why we are sharing with you our secret tips for picking the right gift for both mummy and baby, so you can send your blessing easier than ever!

Gifts for New Born Babies

Mummy taught us that we should never go to a birthday party empty-handed. To pass along this tradition, be prepared when you are about to attend a baby’s first birthday party! We hope that our recommendations would help you to get an insight on what are a few gift choices that could make both mummy and baby happy. Plus a few things to pay attention to when you are choosing the gift.

Natural Charm Organic Cotton Baby Gift hamper


We all know that baby is a big consumer of consumables, with diapers being one of the most important consumables. But bear in mind that baby grows up fast, and the diaper size changes from time to time. Given that we could assume that many other relatives and friends might be getting diapers for our lovely newborn, an excessive amount of diapers might be hoarding up before the baby can use them. Moreover, the parents might have their desired brand and material, and we do not consider diapers as the best gift choice.


Clothing is ranked first in our recommendation list. Why? It is because there will always be an emergency scenario where our newborn puke on his/her clothes. One or two spare sets of clothes would rescue the parents from these emergencies. Bear in mind that the baby’s skin is extra tender and soft, and that's why the material is of utmost importance when you are picking clothes for them. We recommend organic fabrics, yet it is always a smart move to ask the parents if the baby has any allergies first! Besides, hats that can protect the baby’s head from the blowing wind are also a good clothing choice.


Without a doubt, toys would always be babies ' and children’s favorite gifts to receive. Colorful toys are proved to be good stimulation for kids to develop their five senses, while soft fabric toys can comfort them. Pick toys that are made of safe materials, and prevent toys that are too small in size.

Gifts for Mums

Behind the joy of a newborn, let’s always remember that there always lies a mum who has undergone a 10-month pregnancy and the hardship of laboring. While you are preparing gifts for the baby, the gesture of picking something thoughtful for the mum will double the happiness! Nutritional complements, skincare products are a perfect way to send love and blessing to mums. Yet, pay attention to the ingredients to ensure that they are suitable for the mums. Fresh fruits and a lively flower bouquet make a thoughtful gift, too. However, babies could be prone to allergies like pollen, be sure to double confirm before placing your order! Or, opt for a dry flower bouquet or preserved flowers!