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Gifting Art - Strengthen the relationship between enterprises and employees

Gifting Art - Strengthen the relationship between enterprises and employees

by Julie
posted: 2018-05-09 11:00:00 +0800

The core of management should be to motivate the staff's work enthusiasm so that the employees can serve the enterprise more enthusiastically and maximize the benefits of the enterprise. The work systems and methods involved are to reach this goal. We always try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and think about how to make them satisfied. Because only when the customers are satisfied, they are willing to trade with us. Customers are satisfied and will increase their loyalty and trust in our products or services. Some managers have a simple idea for management: employees work for me, I pay them money; if I want them to work harder, I pay more. However, the reasons for rewarding employees are to motivate them to work more effectively and bring greater benefits to the company; therefore, staff motivations should involve meeting their spiritual and material needs to a certain extent so that they can maintain high work enthusiasm and provide good products and excellent services, thereby maintaining and enhancing customer satisfaction. In the end, the company made more profit. So how do we better motivate our employees?

Material rewards

Money- the most practical reward people want to get from their hard work.

Fixed salary——Basic salary and the salary increase after promotion.

Basic salary must have a standard (you can refer to the same area or industry standard) and cannot be changed casually. The performance of employees is evaluated every six months or on a quarterly basis. You can kindly point out their mistakes and give them some encouragement; also, base on each person's different performance, give him or her a pay raise or promotion at the end of the year accordingly.

Unfixed salary——Commission, bonus.

To establish a standard for sales performance and reward employees with commission or bonus accordingly is a good way to motivate them. Moreover, if the staffs become shareholders in their company which means they have a claim on part of the corporation's assets and earnings, they are more likely to be motivated to do better as the sale revenue is related directly to their salary.

Here are some tips.

  • To send gifts to the employees. The gift doesn’t have to be very expensive, but it should convey the message of love and concern from the company. For example, sending a gourmet food gift basket worth 500 HKD is better than giving them 500 HKD cash- same price but different values. The thoughtful gift helps employees to understand that they are valuable to the company.
  • The company supports equality between men and women, ensuring fair salary and welfare for female employees and everybody is treated the same.

There are two short stories we’d like to share from the social media:

I just broke up with my boyfriend on the month of my birthday and I was so depressed that I didn’t notice my birthday had come. Surprisingly, I received a birthday gift from the Human Resource Department, it’s the “Mini Three Times the Charm” birthday gift. This gift includes chocolate, teddy bear and red roses mini-bouquet. I felt so happy that I forgot all my sorrow. Thanks to these sweet chocolates, beautiful roses and the cute bear.

Another ways to motivate employees include sending some warm-hearted gifts to them or set up a birthday wall for everyone to post their birthday wishes to others. In this way, staffs feel loved and personal concern from the company and that they belong to a big family, thus to make them more productive at work.

Today, I am touched by my company’s thoughtfulness and I’d like to share with you. Today is Mother's Day, but I can’t spend the time with my mum because I work in another city. I was thinking about ringing her after finishing my work, but before I dial the number, she calls me. How surprise for me to hear that she thanks me for sending her a box of beautiful flower! She’s so happy and praises me for it. I am so shocked because I didn’t order any flowers for her. After I hang up the phone, I realize it is my company that ordered the flowers for all the mums of the staffs. How sweet!

This story proves that every little thing the companies do for their employees is not in vain. It helps staffs to create warm feelings towards the company and enhance work enthusiasm-both are the good results of the careful observation of the employees’ needs.

  • Acknowledge employees’ hard work by giving them public recognition like awarding a certificate or a trophy. In this way, the staffs will have a sense of achievement and that their efforts aren’t being overlooked. Moreover, showing appreciation to employees can increase their loyalty to the company, their trust to each other and the team spirit of never give up.
  • Inviting or visiting employees’ family members in the important festivals or at the end of the year; to tell them and their families how important they are to the company, and that they’re an indispensable part of the corporate.
  • Set up a theme day for casual clothes; let the staffs vote for the best one and give him/her a small prize.
  • We shouldn’t take things for granted in this world; only we are grateful for what we have, we will get more in return.

Whether you want to motivate your employees, reward them or strengthen the business relationship with customers and suppliers. Hong kong ggb is here to provide you with various customized vi corporate gift service. From packaging, designing, formating to gift theme and funtion, we offer one-stop services according to clients’ requirement and budget.

The customized gift boxes display of former business clients. These gift boxes are designed in unique structures with 3D visual effect. We have different designs for different festivals like the gift packaging shown in picture 3 and 4. These are special designs for Christmas, together with some Christmas feature ornaments; they can help to convey the festival greetings more effectively.



Corporate gift baskets look more formal and exquisite with the tailor-made ribbons with company logo. What’s more, the corporate gift hampers can build up company image if the gift packaging is made with selected high quality leather, wood and fabric materials as well as using thermal printing, embossing and montage techniques. According to the preferences of the recipients, we also provide customized gifts service, you can combine different high quality chocolate, red wine and seasonal fruits together and make into a beautiful gift basket.



The picture shows a Japanese-style gift box specially designed for our Japanese customers. For companies and clients from different countries or cultures, we can design and tailor-made exclusive gift packaging for them. Designers from Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique strive to meet customers’ needs and make them satisfied with the personalized gift hampers.




Customized gift design can be applied to various gift items from our website. We use up-to-date techniques such as hot stamping ribbon printing with company logo, wood laser engraving and embroidery skills to finish the stylish corporate gifts. Schools can choose to add unique name embroidery to graduation gowns and hats for students; there are also ribbons for graduation certificates, leaving students with a unique memory of campus life.



Customers can also choose your favorite products and we tailor-make personalized gift packaging for you. There are more than 2,500 kinds of products from Give Gift Boutique including fresh flowers bouquet, New Year’s gift baskets, Mid-autumn Festival gift hampers, graduation flowers and plush dolls, etc. We offer different service for different needs, choose what you like and we will make it work.










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