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Why You Should Choose Organic Cotton Clothing for Your Baby

Why You Should Choose Organic Cotton Clothing for Your Baby

posted: 2019-01-11 15:30:00 +0800

Whether you are a first-time parent or a parent of more than one child, you are most likely concerned about your child’s well-being. Throughout parenthood, you will be investing countless hours in making numerous decisions, from choosing healthy foods to selecting comfortable clothing, hoping whichever choice you have made, is for the better for your child.

When you shop online or at a brick and mortar, you may have noticed that garments made with materials such as organic cotton has become mainstream in the baby clothing industry. Nowadays, more parents are paying a closer look to the materials used in children’s clothing.

Before further discussing the reasons for choosing clothing made with organic cotton, let’s explore the differences between conventional cotton, organic cotton and synthetic fibers.

Conventional cotton, organic cotton and synthetic fibers: What’s the difference?

In short, the main difference between conventional and organic cotton are the methods used for sourcing, growing, harvesting and processing. For instance, organic cotton farmers follow sustainable farming practices, such as using compost as fertilizers to grow their crops. Conventional cotton farmers, on the other hand, may use pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to grow their crops.

Synthetic fibers, on the contrary, are manmade fibers that are used to substitute natural fibers like cotton, wool and silk. These manmade fibers are produced with chemicals. Examples of synthetic fibers include polyester, nylon and rayon.

In comparison to cotton farming, whether it is organic or conventional, synthetic fiber production is less resource intensive. However, wearing clothing made with synthetic fibers is not meant for everyone. Some people find clothes made with synthetic fibers uncomfortable and some may even develop adverse reactions on their skin as a result of having their skin in contact with these fibers.

Organic cotton is the safer choice

In fact, synthetic fibers are not the only one to blame for causing skin irritations amongst individuals. Due to the use of chemical dyes, heavy metals and chlorine during processing, some people also develop skin sensitivities to regular cotton. That said, organic cotton becomes a safe alternative for those who have skin problems.

Babies’ skin is delicate

If some individuals experience sensitivities to regular cotton and/or synthetic fibers, imagine how these materials could affect babies’ skin, which is naturally thinner and is more sensitive than adults’ skin.

Babies are also too young to clearly express their discomfort when wearing a piece of clothing to their parents and caregivers. Some babies are also more prone to eczema, a condition where the skin becomes dry, red, itchy and irritated. Babies with eczema are more likely to develop skin infections, with symptoms ranging from fever to pus-filled bumps on the skin. These symptoms are not only physically agonizing for the baby, they can also leave the parents and caregivers feeling distressed and heartbroken.

Organic cotton benefits

To save your tears and heartaches, consider choosing organic cotton for your little ones.

For the baby, garments made with organic cotton is:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Softer in texture and against the skin
  • Less likely to cause itchiness
  • More absorbent

For the environment, organic cotton:

  • Encourages sustainable farming techniques
  • Promotes a healthier planet

Like organic food, organic cotton must be grown and produced with at least 95 percent free of chemicals and pesticides to make the claim and market it as an organic product.

Shades of organic cotton

While organic cotton naturally carries an off-white, tan colour with shades ranging from green to brown, you can also find garments made with organic cotton of various colours than the ones mentioned. Rest assured that these garments have been treated with safer alternatives, such as natural or water-based dyes.

Beyond the skin: organic cotton and health

Beyond the skin, organic cotton may offer health benefits. Some research studies suggest that the use of chemicals and additives to treat garments may lead to health issues, ranging from the early onset of puberty in children to a higher risk for cancers in adults. Since organic cotton is an all-natural product, it may be the garment choice for those who want to take charge of their health.


At Give Gift Boutique, we have created a selection of baby essential gift hampers, some of which includes a variety of eco-friendly, organic cotton products. Whether you care for your baby’s well-being and/or for the health of the environment, we have you covered.




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