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Holiday Eating Tips – Include Fruits as Part of Your Festive Meal

Holiday Eating Tips – Include Fruits as Part of Your Festive Meal

posted: 2019-01-09 15:40:00 +0800

With the holiday season upon us, we are getting geared up for social gatherings one after the other. Often times, food is involved in these gatherings because food has the power of bringing everyone together to share a laugh or two, and to reflect and to celebrate a fruitful year. While attending gatherings are inevitable, many avoid stepping on the scale after the festive season with the fear of seeing a few extra pounds gained.

Fortunately, there are various strategies to minimize putting on weight over the holiday season. That said, including fruits as part of your holiday meals is also important in maintaining a healthy body weight. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your waistline down:

Eat your regular meals

Your festive meal may take place at a later time in the day, but many assume that since they will be enjoying a delightful feast later, they would rather skip a meal or two in preparation for a huge appetite.

The downside is when you start skipping meals, you are more likely to overeat because you are hungry. When you are starving, you are less likely to pay attention to what you eat but would rather satisfy your hunger. In other words, you will likely consume more calories than you actually need.

Tip: To prep yourself for the feast, eat as if you are carrying out your regular day without skipping meals. Eat a snack, such as a fruit an hour or two before you head to your holiday party to curb your appetite.

Choose your foods and portions wisely

Whether your holiday meal is at a buffet or is a potluck*, there will be a large selection of scrumptious foods and beverages to choose from. After all, it is the holiday season; indulging on foods that you would only typically consume over the holidays is normal. However, be mindful of your food portions because you do not want to be overindulging either.

Tip: Fill at least half of your plate with vegetables and fruits, one-quarter with protein and the remaining quarter with grains. Vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fibre, which may help you in controlling your appetite without binging on other foods.

Fruits for dessert

Another strategy to eat healthier during your feast is to enjoy fruits as part of your dessert.

If you are eating the festive meal at a buffet, consider choosing more fruits over cakes, pies and sweets.

If there is a fondue bar available, lightly dip fruits into the dark chocolate for an extra hint of sweetness.

If you are attending a potluck, consider bringing a fruit hamper to share with your guests to influence others to adopt healthier eating habits during the holiday season. At Give Gift Boutique, we have a large selection of fruit hampers that are ideal for parties and gatherings.

Enjoy the conversations

Did you know our brain requires about 20 minutes to receive the message of feeling full from our stomach?

That said, eating slowly and chewing every bite is important. When you rush through your meal, you may have overeaten by the time your brain receives the message from the stomach.

Tip: Put your smartphones and tablets away and enjoy the conversations at the dining table. Let the conversations help you pace your appetite.

Watch your alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol is part of the holiday tradition, but be mindful of the number of drinks you have because the calories can add up quickly.

Tip: Minimize your intake of cocktails that are made with fruit juices and sugary syrups. They tend to consist of more calories than a glass of wine. Choose healthier beverage options, like still water, soda water or fruit-infused water in between your alcoholic drinks to avoid drinking too much.

Don’t forget about exercise

Just because this is the season to celebrate, it does not mean that you should leave behind your usual physical activity routine and resume after the holidays.

Tip: Instead of sitting around after the holiday meal, continue the chats with your family and friends by going for a walk to burn off some calories.

Bottom line

Maintaining a healthy body weight over the holidays requires making conscious healthier lifestyle choices. As mentioned, overeating at one or two holiday meals is likely not harmful to your health, but the goal is to resume and adhere to your healthy eating habits as much as you can.


Potluck*: A common way of gathering in North America. The friends who come to the party each bring a dish, desserts and drinks, and then all the people share it and eat freely.




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