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Morning Tea in Australia

Morning Tea in Australia

posted: 2018-12-28 14:10:00 +0800

Different from British afternoon tea, Australian breakfast tea is between breakfast and lunch, it is a gourmet time for rest and relaxation. In addition to Australia, it is also very common in New Zealand. Auntie Beth from Australia is a loyal fan of Australian breakfast tea. The following article is written by the lovely Auntie Beth to share the experience with her favorite Australian breakfast tea.    @GGB


We enjoyed rooibos tea. (red bush tea) This refreshing tea is grown naturally in Southern Africa. It is very good for heart, hair and skin, and bone and joint health. The tea is also naturally caffeine free so you can enjoy it any time of the day and still sleep peacefully.


The tea was a gift for my 50th wedding anniversary from a dear friend.


The homemade Anzac biscuits are an Australian favourite, and the Rectangular Shortbread biscuits(also homemade ) are light and delicate in flavour.


The beautiful roses have a lovely fragrance which adds to the peaceful atmosphere.


The homegrown cherries are a delightful compliment to the refreshments. They were a gift from a friend and I put them in my heirloom crystal bowl that was a wedding gift to my husband’s parents in 1923.

The tablecloth on which it is served is approximately 100 years old and was handmade by our lovely great aunt Amy.


Anzac Biscuits: This sweet-tasting biscuit was born during the First World War. It was made by the women who stayed at home to send to the soldiers who were fighting abroad as food supplements. It does not contain eggs because it is convenient for shipping. Now Anzac biscuits are one of the favorites and everyday biscuits for Australians.




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Auntie Beth, Editor

Auntie Beth, a lovely lady who has a great passion for gardening and cooking, lives in Melbourne Australia.     > more...

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