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Johnnie Walker - Scotch whisky

Johnnie Walker - Scotch whisky

by Water
posted: 2017-11-14 14:40:00 +0800

Johnnie Walker is the world renowned Scottish Whisky brand with more than 150 years of history.

Johnnie Walker's old trademark was originally a walking English gentleman, but in the early 2000s, the walking British man image was changed into an abstract style in order to get rid of the racism and make the brand more internationally accepted. In 1908, the famous illustrator Tom Browne designed the logo for the company, and the logo was considered to be very similar to John Walker himself, the founder of Johnnie Walker Whisky: long pants, work uniform, glasses, hats and walking stick. The hand is not only used to hold a gentleman's walking stick but also a skillful tool to create countless unique whiskey; the foot is not only for walking, but also reflect the spirit of keep moving and never give up. The "Striding man" stands for Johnnie Walker's ultimate pursuit of high quality. Just like in the Golf course, there is never the best, only the best of the best. The same is true for the art of producing whiskey: the meticulous spirit, the constant exploration, and advancement.

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Johnnie Walker - Scotch whisky' blogpost.
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