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HK Mid-autumn Festival Corporate Gift Guide

HK Mid-autumn Festival Corporate Gift Guide

posted: 2023-08-07 21:00:00 +0800

As the annual Mid autumn festival draws near, many companies in Hong Kong start to prepare mid-autumn gifts for their clients and employees to send best wishes. With a large variety of MAF gifts in the market, it’s hard to select the best one for your need. How to choose festival business gifts for different companies? Here are some gifting suggestions:

Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts for Banking, Financial and Investment Companies

The banks and financial industries involve all kinds of businesses, and customers purchase various products and services, for example, financial management, investment, insurance, etc., and even become VIP private banking customers. Because there are risk elements in the business, customers tend to choose the enterprises that are reliable and trustworthy. Sending festive gifts and showing daily concern helps the company to build up positive image, which not only keeps the loyal customers but also attract new customers. The banking, financial and investment industries can choose different corporate mid-autumn gifts such as mid-autumn mooncake gift set, mooncake coupons, snow skin mooncake, fruit gift hamper, healthy supplement gift box and so on. To deliver these mid-autumn gifts directly to the customers can not only save their time, but also surprise them with the thoughtful gifts.

Mid Autumn Wine And Food Hamper

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Mid-Autumn Gift Sets for Construction, Renovation and Design Industries

Each year in Hong Kong there are plenty of new real estate closing and house-warming events which allow construction, renovation and design companies to find potential target customers. Through some unique gifts with high-end design and exquisite patterns, potential customers have a taste of what it’s like to use their service, and that motivate them to give it a try. Besides, companies send gifts to pass on the brand message, increase popularity and develop their own potential. These companies may choose custom corporate mooncake gifts with brand name or logo, together with exclusive gifts made by their own to come up with the one-of-a-kind business gifts. Meanwhile, sending creative, artistic and aesthetic mid-autumn gifts to employees from these companies helps to motivate them especially in the year-end projects.

Mid-Autumn Gift Hampers for Schools, Hospitals and Social Organizations

From time to time, we hope to send gifts to school teachers, doctors and nurses, staffs from some socials organizations to show our appreciation. However, when sending gifts to related people and places, we might have to pay attention to the regulations regarding the gift values in order not to create any embarrassment or lose the meaning of gift giving. For staffs from education systems, hospitals as well as social enterprises, sending heart-warming and meaningful gifts is more important. For example, the RELAX gift hamper, dietary supplement gift and flower bouquets are ideal to express your best wishes. And the recently popular ESG mid-autumn gifts are also a good choice to showcase your eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Mid-Autumn Gift Baskets for Hotels, Luxury Brands and Cosmetic Companies

Compare to other businesses, the hotels, luxury brands and cosmetic companies are the high-end types which means they have higher standard for mid-autumn corporate gifts. We recommend to send the iconic customized business gifts with exclusive brand featured products, this will satisfy the high-end customers as well as conveying the brand message. On the other hand, sending unique mid-autumn festival gifts can help the enterprises stand out from the crowd and leave a good impression on customers, who might get a chance to purchase related products or services. In businesses like these, quality is more important than quantity. The quality and the packaging of the Mid autumn corporate gifts represent the brand image, which showcase the high standard and sophisticated technique through details, impress the clients.

Mid-Autumn Gift Boxes for Media, Information and Communication Companies

In this information age, media and communication companies need to work harder to catch audiences’ eyes and exchange ideas through noteworthy mid-autumn gift box. Enterprises can send business corporate gifts merge with brand image and convey messages through words and pictures engraved on the mid-autumn gifts; besides, the color theme of the gift box shall be recognizable so that the recipients can tell your gifts from others, and adding creative cards, badges or collectable items to the business gift can enhance its characteristic. Meanwhile, a good gift depends on details. For example, if there’s price tag hung on the gift basket, if it’s the right time to deliver the gifts and the expiry date of the food.